This site is being created to help me influence journalists in Sweden (and possibly elsewhere) to learn more about Non-consensual Human Experimentation and the context in which it occurs. Even though I may be motivated to some extent, by my selfinterest, being a mind-control victim since 1992, I am certain that the problems are of general importance and I hope the effort will lead to a much deepened study and understanding of the post-war period among the educated public and the policy-makers.

I beleive such a deepend understanding may be necessary to preserve democracy at all.

Partly, the problem arises because there are now high-tech methods and equipment for very effectively repressing people with a high degree of deniability. The high technology involved is classified and has not been officially admitted to exist or to be used against the people.

(As the truth about this high technology becomes more widely known, it will perhaps be less likely that they use it in the abusive manner which is reflected in the accounts of some of the mind-control victims.)

There is an important general problem with this kind of secrecy. The military use the excuse of national security to classify research results, meaning that there is a growing knowledge gap between the military/intelligence community and the civilian sector. Since it turns out that they have been tempted to play god, using their superior technology, and that they have been abusing people without any good reason, it seems relevant to ask what will happen as this knowledge gap continues to grow. What will they do to us when they have come to have in their possession secret computers and programs, more advanced than anything in existence today, which effectively makes them as superior to the civilians as if they had belonged to a different species?

The secret technology used to electronically influence peoples brains from a distance, is so advanced that it can undoubtedly be used as an important tool in connection with the legitimate parts of medical science. This is a good argument for demanding a knowledge transfer from the military to the civilian sector. It would probably lead to economical growth as well, but that is not my main concern here.

People who have been abused by their authorities certainly deserve to be empathically treated by the media, but appart from that, there is also a need for simply conveying the facts, without moralizing and judging too much. The problem under consideration is an important untold part of post-war history and a greater historical awareness may be the best cure against totalitarian tendencies.

Non-consensual Human Experimentation  updated 2001-05-13
The document also contains information about activism against mind control.
Link to the paragraph about Resisting the Mind Control State by Allen Barker

My own experience of Mind Control and surveillance

The Science of Coercion    2002-06-27
An interview with the author of the book, Christopher Simpson from 1997.
Transcript from the soundfiles FTR-78a and b in David Emory's For The Record series

Psychological warfare first entered the english language as a translation, a mutation of a nazi german concept called Weltanshaungskrieg which means world view warfare and during WWII the americans built on that and expanded it and used it to mean a whole range of wartime type tactics involving propaganda, dirty tricks, covert operations, whatever, to carry out a war. Where it emerges into a modern reality came in the wake of the war when more so called peace time types of essentially the same tactics emerged. For years now the government has told us that we're living in the world of no war no peace and what that has meant as a practical matter is that we're living in a world of ongoing low-level warfare and one of the early terms that was used to describe this is psychological warfare. Nowadays they call it lowintensity warfare. Sometimes its called more politely 'public diplomacy'. Just to build on that point for a minute. When you hear people talk about lowintensity warfare, it simply means lowintensity compared to nuclear weapons. Lowintensity warfare from the standpoint of people who are subjected to it is quite high intensity thank you very much! Some people would refer to it as total warfare conducted at the grass roots level. Its basically a form of terror. Against union organizers, I am talking about central america now, church people, community activists of whatever sort.
- - - fact from its inception from its earliest definition in classified government records, psychological warfare is defined to include assassinations, covert operations, gerilla warfare, counterinsurgency etc. From its inception psychological warfare has been the mating of violence on the one hand and what people would call today propaganda or mass communication on the other hand. Another thing that's interesting about psychological warfare, from its inception it has also targeted the people of the united states, the common preconception is that for better or for worse this is something we do to them. The reality is that from the governments standpoint, from the standpoint of those who are paying the bills for its development the targets always involve not only foreign audiences but domestic audiences as well.

The Mind Manipulators   2002-07-12
From 1978. By Alan W. Scheflin, (professor of Law at the University of California), Edward M. Opton, Jr., and co-author Rodney Plotnick, (professor at the University of California Medical School)

The Mind Stealers   2002-07-13
From 1978. By Samuel Chavkin, co-founder and for eighteen years editorial Director of the Science and Medicine Publishing Company, which published newspapers in different medical disciplines for the practising, physician. Knowing what was best about American medicine, he was also acutely aware of some dangerous trends.

Signs of a setup?   updated 2001-05-27
I speculate that last year the two most outspoken human rights activists in sweden were deliberately set up by the swedish authorities.

Dark clouds over swedish television   2001-04-28

Mind Control: explanation of the term ...<=...Preliminary version

The way I conceive of a modern brain implant device    updated 2001-04-13

Estimates of the range of a brain computer system    2001-04-15
This document is a bit technical and is meant to be read in connection with part 3 of The way I conceive of a modern brain implant device. Apart from the technicalities, there are also some tentative explanations of the bizarre round the clock surveillance experiences reported by some mc-victims.

In and among the vertebral disks?   2002-01-04
In addition to the discussions about range estimates in the link just above, we will continue making some more estimates and make the point that the region near the so called dorsal nerve roots, emerging among the vertebral discs is naturally suited for mounting miniature electrodes connecting the nervous system to microchips for radio communication to remote computers. This placement, however, is probably not capable of expaining all types of symptoms, and a direct mounting inside the skull is likely to be needed to produce some types of reported effects.
The document turned out to have a different main emphasis than indicated above. Electrosex applications are discussed and I am trying to figure out why there has been such a long delay in the application of cybernetics to prosthesis methods.

Energikällor, antenner och radiokommunikation    2003-02-09
Document in swedish about energy sources with very long life length, data applicable to inplanted transponder antennas and frequency allocations from 1981 perhaps indicating such uses.

A Method for the Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System
by E. Leon Chaffee and Richard U. Light,   2002-07-10
An extract from The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, Vol. 7, No. 1, October 1934.
Experiments on dogs and monkeys implanted with a, technically speaking, simple induction coil connected to an electrode. Electromagnetic frequency ca 5 KHz and power 500 kW(!) is used to connect to the implant.

The Central Nervous System  2001-12-21
Reproductions of a few pages from this neurology textbook illustrating the connection between regions of the body sensed and controlled by corresponding parts of the central nervous system. Extract from The Central Nervous System, Structure and Function, 2nd ed 1998 by Per Brodal, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo.
(The illustrations take some time to download)

Brain Function and Blood Flow   2002-03-30
by Niels A. Lassen, David H. Ingvar and Erik Skinhøj
Extract from Scientific American, October 1978, p 50-59
Brain mapping of the superficial part of the cerebral cortex with a resolution of 1 cm2 for several 100 patients by monitoring changes in blood flow.

Explanation in swedish of the term Brain mapping   2002-03-30
quoted from Hjärnans futurum, 2001, by David H. Ingvar

Electrical equivalent circuit for myelinated nerve fibers
by J. Murdoch Ritchie   2001-12-31
Gives an idea of the high impedance conditions applicable to microelectrode connections

Understanding the nervous system An engineering perspective, 1993
by Sid Deutsch and Alice Deutsch
The title of the book is revealing and it is the kind of information an engineer, who has no access to classified information, will be looking for when contemplating the basic electronic aspects connected with cybernetic applications.

Implants vs Microwaves    updated 2000-08-07

Illusionists do it all the time    2002-07-10
A propos the preceding link, an example is given, of what in my view is misleading information. It is an extract from the article The Mind Fields in OMNI 2/1985

Get moving, Lazarus    updated 2000-09-28

Woodpecker    2001-06-16
I am discussing the high powered so called wood pecker signals on the short wave band.

Cybernetics etc    2001-08-10
I intend to group together material relating to cybernetic systems.

References - 1    updated 2001-05-13

References - 2    updated 2000-11-24

Speculations   updated 2000-10-08
speculations regarding military experiments

Message to all trained professionals ..- to every breed of educated people


Arguments for an ambitious space exploration program .. written 2000-02-05, enabled 2000-05-09

This document was held back to avoid redirecting attention from the other issues of more immediate importance. The idea put forward is basically that one should strive to accomplish a migration from the worlds military scientific establishments of scientists and key military and intelligence personnel to an international cooperation consisting in an ambitious space exploration program. It should be made up in such a way that it would pose the kind of worthy challenge necessary to attract the best minds and the most competitive people from the mentioned groups of people. This way the new international cooperation would have the people it needs to be able to compete successfully for the resources with the remaining military systems and therefore there would be an incentive for really bringing down the tensions among nations. These tensions would be seen as the waste they really are and not as a prerequisite to be able to keep up the huge military-industrial complex. The new international cooperation would instead build a more civilian type of high-tech industrial complex where science would be an essentially open activity and not something hidden in classified projects.

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