Religion means a lot to many people, scientific and non scientific. Many brilliant scientists have expressed religious inclinations of some kind.
Some people seem to be very anxious to prove how foolish it is to be a beleiver and others feel the same about the atheists. It seems the agnostic attitude would provide a middleway. Reason for bringing it up is that I overheard the kind of mutual ridiculisation between such a pair of beleiver/atheist.
Provokes me to say a few words about science and the existence of God. I don't see any possibility to disprove God's existence by way of scientific arguments. In the positive, yes, that is at least conceivable, that God's existence might be proved or inferred. But in the negative, no, how could you ever disprove the existence of some superior being?
In connnection with a number of different ideas about time, it seemed to me a possibility that there might be a time barrier separating the deadly from such a superior being. I beleive some religions have the idea that our life is just an instant from God's perspective. It isn't too farfetched to suggest that the opposite might also be true. Mysterious it has got to be, right?. Ie God might seem to us as something hardly changing, like mountains, and simultaneously something fast as lightning. Even though science may have its limitations it may give us some hints of what the pertinent questions would be. Maybe it would give us an idea about the nature of a superior being. Of what signs to look for. Step by step learning to discuss the matter.
- - -
People need stability which is provided by religion but hardly by science, everchanging and expanding. Or am I wrong?
In any case modern people won't be satisfied with the slowly updated set of rules provided by established religions unless they begin to modernize it a great deal. Religion will have to adapt or it will be gone.
Whatever the outcome we may look forward to a very creative period in human civilisation.
End of speech.

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