Mind Control:
Explanation of the term

This document was written in the spring of 2000 and has been left in a preliminary state.

Mind Control is to some extent selfexplanatory. What they do to you at school is certainly a kind of mind control. But this site is concerned mainly with the kind of mind control which has been developed in classified research projects and which can be used for controlling people in a much stronger sense, depriving the person of all his freedom and privacy, rendering him into a tool or a toy, which can be used at will by the mind controllers. This strong type of Mind Control is accomplished by several entirely different methods. Most of them can be categorized as nonlethal weapons.

  1. Drugs, sometimes in connection with hypnosis
    The Manchurian Candidate

  2. Letting people take part in strange cults, sometimes in connection with sexual abuse of children etc
    CKLN-FM Mind Control Series

  3. Psychosurgery (lobotomy etc)

  4. Neuroelectronic implants, which can be controlled from a distance. This was already a mature technology in the 1960's.
    Here you can read an exerpt from an article about remote control of an animal THE NEW YORK TIMES - May 17, 1965 (front page) 'Matador' With a Radio Stops Wired Bull: Modified Behavor in Animals Subject of Brain Study By John A. Osmundsen
    Everyone with any insight in matters of technology knows about the enormous developments that have taken place what regards unclassified electronics technology. To get an idea of the knowledgegap between classified and unclassified technology, think of the stealth bomber compared with an ordinary airliner.
    I beleive implants is the method of preference for any mind controller. Once the thing is there, the mind controllers can sit comfortably in some remote computer room and continuously monitor and reprogram the victim. As long as people don't get any help from their authorities, there is no way you can switch the thing off without the risk of inflicting permanent brain damage.

  5. Electronic remote control without the need for brain implants. Readings from the mind control forum show that many victims of mind control interpret their symptoms as being caused by electromagnetic beaming of some kind. It is a fact that the military are experimenting on various types of electromagnetic weapons aimed to paralyze people/soldiers from a distance.
    On the Discovery channel on December 29th 1997 a program entitled "Non lethal weapons Shoot Not to Kill", electromagnetic weapons were demonstrated that can paralyze and disorient a terrorist, or be used against a crowd or in a siege.
    The cable TV program "Weapons of War" on the Learning Channel on September 21, 1997 featured Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University, Canada. He described weapons using "psycho or influence technology" and electromagnetic frequencies to control what people think, for psychological warfare purposes.
    This information was found on the following link:
    U.S. Human Rights Abuse Report By Cheryl Welsh January 1998

    I haven't studied this subject to any depth. I have a suspicion that the authorities would rather have people beleive that they are subject to some sort of beaming than to let them know that many of them have been implanted with electronic devices that might be invisible on ordinary X-ray scans. Compare with the stealth bomber. Its full of machinery, weapons and high-tech equipment of every kind and still it's invisible on the radar. X-rays and radar are not the same thing, but I am convinced that hiding the stealth is a much harder problem. And they solved that.

    However it seems reasonable that the brain implant, for efficient operation, needs to be used in conjunction with external RF fields. If the implant can be used for real-time mind-reading, which some people claim, it most certainly would be necessary to complement the implant with strong external RF-fields.
    See:Technical hypothesis

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