Nonconsensual experiments on human subjects

"You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that."
-- Sen. John Glenn,

Human Research Subject Protections Act of 1997 by US Senator John Glenn

Since I don't know who is reading this, I feel I have to state clearly, that I have personally had very good experiences in my contacts with the medical profession. And I hope this information will not be used to create suspicions against the great majority of decent people working in the health-care system.

Tuskegee syphilis experiment Document at The Association for the Advancement of Blacks in Health Sciences.
Tuskegee syphilis experiment by Ronald B. Standler
An example of the important role played by the media if and when they act. Many syphilis patients were deliberately prevented from having medication for several decades (1932-72). Doctors in contact with the patients, had been instructed not to give them any medicine. This continued for decades, but as soon as it got into the media, the experiment was discontinued. After hearing that, could you possibly be indifferent when hearing about other, presently ongoing unethical experiments which are never mentioned in the main stream media?

President Bill Clinton published a 'Presidential Memo' in Mars 1997 instructing all branches of the government not to carry out experiments on Human Beings without their consent. [Federal Register: May 13, 1997 (Volume 62, Number 92)][Page 26367-26372]
Memorandum of March 27, 1997
--Strengthened Protections for Human Subjects of Classified Research
The following shows that the Clinton administration seems to be taking some more serious steps:
The White House; Office of Science and Technology Policy For Immediate Release; 202-456-6047; October 14, 1999 Research Misconduct - A New Definition and New Procedures for Federal Research Agencies. The Administration proposed today a new government-wide Federal policy that addresses research misconduct. The policy, developed by the National Science and Technology Council, consists of a definition of research misconduct and establishes basic guidelines for the conduct of fair and timely investigations of alleged or suspected infractions. The policy will apply to all Federally-funded research regardless of where the research is conducted or by whom.
- -
New York Times May 24, 2000
Fines Proposed for Violations of Human Research Rules By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
WASHINGTON, May 23 -- Responding to widely publicized lapses in medical experiments, the Clinton administration announced today that it would seek authority from Congress to levy fines of up to $250,000 on scientists who violate federal rules for human research and $1 million on the universities that employ them.

Nature, "Advances in Neuroscience May Threaten Human Rights",
vol. 391, January 22, 1998, pg. 316
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Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that "advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance... That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns... and constitute "a serious risk to society"

Note that this warning, issued by the French Government (through it's Bioethics committee) concerns unclassified technology which, in all likeliness, lags far behind the classified technology used on most Mind Control victims.

How come the French Government is the only western
Government to speak openly on these matters?

Human Research Subject Protection by Anthony N. Lalli, B.S.

Chronology of Common Rule: An Analysis of Common Rule Excerpt by Anthony N. Lalli January 22, 1999
Subtitled Chart C: Time Line For Human Research Subject Protection In U.S.
this document contains a concise summary of the evolution of incomplete legal protection for human subjects.

Former Army Intelligence Officer Julianne McKinney:

1) Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation by Julianne McKinney
. . Dec 1992 and supplemented Nov 1993
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In this document we are informed that the number of individuals who were victims of electronic Mind Control from the government, were in the autumn of 1992 about 25 in the USA beginning 1989 and the number more than trippled in 11 months. There is also mention of the strange phenomenon known as 'stalking' , which I myself have experienced here in Sweden. Stalking is an example of deniable harrassement without using high technology. A person is being surveyed in a manner, unpleasant to the person, but which seems like paranoia if he describes what is going on to others. Deniability is desired. Somebody suggested that harassment of this nature would be a way to test how far one could go without it being noticed by other people in the environment. I.e. a technique entirely based on psychology/behaviour science, to selectively punish a certain individual. Deniability is a prerequisite for this to succeed.

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1b) The following shorter document by Julianne McKinney
contains a concise description of commonly occuring features in mind control operations
The Classic Mind Control Operation Revealed   (date unknown, link to Project Freedom)
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2)Letter to Sen. John Glenn in 1994
Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee

3) Letter to President Clinton and His Reply    Alternative link to new site
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. . Dec 31 1994

In this document McKinney informs us that, since she started her project to help the victims of Mind Control, she has experienced 10 incidents, which could be interpreted as plausibly deniable murder attempts on her. (This was during 1992-1995)

Mind Control. By Harry Martin & D. Caul:
from part 1 in series:
California has been in the forefront of mind-control experimentation. Government experiments also were conducted in the Haight-Ashbury District in San Francisco at the height of the Hippy reign. In 1974, Senator Sam Ervin , of Watergate fame, headed a U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights studying the subject of "Individual rights and the Federal role in behavior modification." (93rd Congress, 2nd Session, 1974. Sam Ervin Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights) Though little publicity was given to this committee's investigation, Senator Ervin issued a strong condemnation of the federal role in mind control. That condemnation, however, did not halt the mind-control experiments, they just received more circuitous funding. Many of the case histories concerning individuals of whom the mind control experiments were used, show a strange concept in the minds of those seeking guinea pigs. Those subject to the mind-control experiments would be given indefinite sentences, his freedom was dependent upon how well the experiment went. One individual, for example, was arrested for joyriding, given a two-year sentence and held for mind control experiments. He was held for 18 years.

--from part 2 in series:
A national uproar was created by various articles in 1974, which prompted the Senate investigation. But after all these years, the news that two inmates at Vacaville may have died from these same experiments indicates that though a nation was shocked in 1974, little was done to correct the experimentations.

--from part 4 in series:
The National Institute of Mental Health went on to become one of the greatest supporters of behavior modification research. Throughout the 1960's, court calenders became blighted with lawsuits on the part of "human guinea pigs" who had been experimented upon in prisons and mental institutions. It was these lawsuits which triggered the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights investigation, headed by Senator Sam Erwin. The subcommittee's harrowing report was virtually ignored by the news media.
Eventually, LEAA was using much of its budget to fund experiments, including aversive techniques and psychosurgery, which involved, in some cases, irreversible brain surgery on normal brain tissue for the purpose of changing or controlling behavior and/or emotions.

Senator Erwin questioned the head of LEAA concerning ethical standards of the behavior modification projects which LEAA had been funding. Erwin was extremely dubious about the idea of the government spending money on this kind of project without strict guidelines and reasonable research supervision in order to protect the human subjects. After Senator Erwin's denunciation of the funding polices, LEAA announced that it would no longer fund medical research into behavior modification and psychosurgery. Despite the pledge by LEAA's director, Donald E. Santarelli, LEAA ended up funding 537 research projects dealing with behavior modification. There is strong evidence to indicate psychosurgery was still being used in prisons in the 1980's. Immediately after the funding announcement by LEAA, there were 50 psychosurgical operations at Atmore State Prison in Alabama. The inmates became virtual zombies. The operations, according to Dr. Swan of Fisk University, were done on black prisoners who were considered politically active.

The Veterans' Administration openly admitted that psychosurgery was a standard procedure for treatment and not used just in experiments. The VA Hospitals in Durham, Long Beach, New York, Syracuse and Minneapolis were known to employ these products on a regular basis. VA clients could typically be subject to these behavior alteration procedures against their will. The Erwin subcommittee concluded that the rights of VA clients had been violated.

LEAA also subsidized the research and development of gadgets and techniques useful to behavior modification. Much of the technology, whose perfection LEAA funded, had originally been developed and made operational for use in the Vietnam War. Companies like Bangor Punta Corporation and Walter Kidde and Co., through its subsidiary Globe Security System, adapted these devices to domestic use in the U.S. ITT was another company that domesticated the warfare technology for potential use on U.S. citizens. Rand Corporation executive Paul Baran warned that the influx back to the United State of the Vietnam War surveillance gadgets alone, not to mention the behavior modification hardware, could bring about "the most effective, oppressive police state ever created".

About Harry V. Martin:

A 28-year journalist who has worked throughout the Pacific Basin, is publisher of the Napa Sentinel (a weekly newspaper) and the North American Investigative Journal. He is former publisher of Defense Systems Review and Military Communications, and former Editorial Director of Defense Electronics, International Countermeasures Handbook, Military Electronics and Countermeasures, Microwave Systems News, and Military Science and Technology. He is an elected public official, and has been referred to by the Los Angeles Times as the Thomas Paine of the Patriot Movement.

Source: FreeAmerica

Testimony to the NBAC Human Subjects Subcommittee
by Allen L. Barker Nov. 23, 1997

Allen became a victim of Mind Control, after he began doing research work associated with the intelligence community.

Se also his:
What they did
Several interesting references are given. From Allen's comments regarding the document, The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War, by Steven Metz and James O. Kievit, July 25, 1994, I quote:
"The advantage of directed energy weapons over conventional ones [in drug interdiction] is deniability. Against whom is such deniability aimed? ...deniability must be aimed at the American people, who do not sanction the imprisonment, much less execution, of individuals without a trial..." The authors envision a "future history" of a revolution of techno-authoritarianism, carried out in stages to alter some basic values of Americans that might stand in the way. [Note the references to "spiritual warfare" -- so much for religious freedom --

  • Excuses and Manipulations in Mind Control
    I see similarities with my own experiences, and I beleive the Swedish mind-control hierarchy (in which most participants probably were not aware of the true context) was inspired by their American counterpart.

  • The Truth
    Pushing people too hard and too long will turn them into exactly what you were afraid of. Abusive covert agents love this, since it helps them justify their existence and their inflated budgets. They then innocently say ``I told you so'' about the violence they have in large measure created.
Allen's home page

His new (2000-06-03) site Mind Control, technology, techniques and politics
I quote from his presentation: This site is intended to provide quality references and links related to mind control technology and its abuses. Much of the technology is truly amazing and has great potential for positive uses. But unfortunately, in practice, it has been tested on nonconsensual subjects and applied to violate fundamental human rights in almost unthinkable ways.

2001-05-03 Part II: Resisting the Mind Control State by Allen Barker
an essay written in 1999, finished in april 2001

Discusses the societal and political situation with regard to mind control in the United States, along with possible methods to protest and resist it.
A propos this document I would like to remind the reader of what I hold to be true: that it is never acceptable to punish the wrong guy no matter how much we may have been hurt.

by James Henry Graf, 1998

During the 1980's J H Graf tried to draw attention to the alarming fact that american authorities were performing nonconsensual experiments on mentally retarded patients in an institution. After that Graf became a victim of Mind Control as a reprisal. In the document he interprets the words from a prominent american official implying that he consciously threatened republicans who disagreed with the presidents policies with reprisals of a secret nature. And as I understand Graf, he insinuates that influencial people in the american establishment approve of using high-tech terror to discipline party members.

Samples from his site:
  • Your Brain is the Battleground
    The October, 1981 Science Digest (a Hearst publication) featured an article by Gary Selden titled "Machines That Read Minds." Toward the end, Mr. Selden noted that the CIA was following brain wave research closely, much the way that agency followed LSD research in the 1950s. He described a proposal by Robert Thatcher of the University of Maryland for the development of a "true thought scanner" that might, among other purposes, be used for "internal surveillance of dissidents."

  • A Nation In Denial  , Part 1
    America is a nation in denial. There are things no major publication dares to print, no major broadcaster dares to discuss. Working largely through dummy "private" agencies, American military and intelligence authorities are violating human rights with absolute impunity, using 21st-Century technology to advance an inhuman, totalitarian agenda. Those who know won't speak. Those who speak are not heeded. Those who hear do not listen. Those who listen will not act.
    In the 1980s, MBDSO at 75 Morton Street in New York's Greenwich Village became a hotbed of covert law enforcement and intelligence activity involving CIA, military intelligence, federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement and corrections officials, dummy "private" agencies, and, apparently, the Republican National Committee. In alignment with Reagan Administration policies, these forces concerned themselves primarily with "fighting terrorism" and the "war on drugs." "Terrorists," in their estimation, included such persons as the peaceful, humanitarian activists of the Sanctuary movement, including Jack Elder, who had been my friend and fraternity brother at the Catholic University of America in the early 1960s. The power and influence of these agents became weapons in the hands of egregiously unscrupulous administrators. I heard them laugh about the tragedy and disgrace of others. I could almost hear the saliva dripping from their jowls as they gleefully spoke of arrests and strip-searches. I was sickened by their utter contempt for the law -- their strutting, swaggering, snickering arrogance. Through the administrative areas adjacent to my office roamed conscienceless monsters whose callous ruthlessness bordered on the demonic and who were able to get away with anything they chose to do. They planted evidence. They falsified crime reports at will and with impunity. They suborned perjury. They bribed and intimidated, harassed and terrorized.
    Claims of "national security" and "police business" assured universal cooperation and secrecy.

  • A Nation In Denial  , Part 2
    On May 9, 1991, WBAI rebroadcast an interview originally heard several days earlier in which California-based researcher and broadcaster Dave Emory discussed the Intelligence Community's use of mind control. He reported that devices generating microwaves could "do a number of things to actually kill people, physically kill people. Their brains can be controlled; subconscious impulses and thoughts can be placed in their brain while they're asleep; their thoughts can actually be read, and auditory and visual hallucinations broadcast into the brain."
    Whenever the media generate a bit of light and fresh air, an unseen hand, it seems, slams the window shut and draws the shade. On October 9, 1994, WBAI-FM's "Emanations" program featured an interview with Ms. Julianne McKinney of the Association of National Security Alumni's Electronic Surveillance Project. A former Army intelligence officer, she confirmed the existence of "directed energy" broadcast technology that can produce a "voices-in-the-head" phenomenon.
    By the time comedian-activist Dick Gregory appeared on Bernard White's WBAI morning show on February 6, 1995, however, the atmosphere had changed. The outspoken Mr. Gregory started to mention that the government has "equipment" with which it is "messing with people's minds." Most uncharacteristically, however, he then exercised self-censorship, stating that he didn't want to "leave here discredited."
    As of the spring of 1995, Dave Emory had a show broadcast on WFMU-FM in East Orange, New Jersey. It was his custom once a month to phone in his program live from California, responding to questions submitted by WFMU listeners. On May 16, I called in a question about mind control and mind-reading technology. He responded positively, confirming the existence of devices that "measure the changes in the electromagnetic field around the human body which correspond with the activation or deactivation of certain neural pathways," thus detecting "sub-vocal thought" and interfacing these changes in the body's electromagnetic field with computer technology. He also reported that devices have existed for some time that can "implant thoughts in the brain of an experimental subject."
    During the course of the show, Mr. Emory also discussed the Temple of Set, a satan-worshiping sect founded by former Army intelligence colonel Michael Aquino, and he touched briefly on Project Monarch, which allegedly uses mind-control on young children to induce artificial multiple personalities for purposes of espionage and sexual exploitation. He remarked at one point that 21st-Century technology was in the hands of "people who thought Hitler and Mussolini were great." He said "It's very late in the day," warning that we may face "the total world triumph of absolute evil, forever."
    That was the last time I ever heard Dave Emory speak live on WFMU's airwaves. Shortly thereafter, he took the summer off. When his program returned in the fall, it consisted only of pre-recorded material. I have to say, though, that the intrepid Mr. Emory has spoken more truth, more consistently and courageously, than any other broadcast personality I know. His interviews of such authorities as Nick Begich, Ph.D. have revealed significant truths, including cautious references to mind-reading technology.

J H Graf's homepage

Ed Kats and Family , Psychotronic Implant Victims    Alternative link to new site
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I quote:
Back in 1977, the same year we arrived as refugees in the US, Stansfield Turner, retired four-star admiral and one of the Navy's brightest strategists, became chief of the C.I.A. An Agency-sponsored gross medical malpractice had genuinely shocked him. It was a horror story; he repeatedly said, "This must never happen again." (Unfortunately it did.) As a result of his investigation, over a hundred men lost their jobs in what became known as Turner's Halloween Massacre of 1977. Ten thousand pages of formerly top secret U.S. Army and C.I.A. documents prove that for decades United States government agencies undertook the most extensive mind-control and manipulation program in the history of the world (from the book "The Mind Manipulators," A. Sheflin & E. Opton).

Prior to becoming President of the United States, Mr. Reagan expressed in his campaign that he would make sure the C.I.A. would never have to fight with one hand tied behind its back. Instead, he would give the Agency the freedom to carry on the war with "the enemy" by any means the Agency chose (From the book "C.I.A. Mind Control & Medical Abuse," Gordon Thomas.) We believe, as a result of such "freedom," that both my son and I are victims of a so called "Mind Control Experiment," which we are going to briefly describe below...

A History of Secret U.S. Government Programs

"News & Information About Our Government and Its Activities"

Scientist 'killed Amazon indians to test race theory'   Alternative link to local copy
Geneticist accused of letting thousands die in rainforest
An article in Guardian Unlimited, Saturday September 23, 2000 by Paul Brown, Environment correspondent
Thousands of South American indians were infected with measles, killing hundreds, in order for US scientists to study the effects on primitive societies of natural selection, according to the book, Darkness in El Dorado by the investigative journalist Patrick Tierney. ( due to be published on October 1)
The astonishing story of genetic research on humans, which took 10 years to uncover, is likely to shake the world of anthropology to its core, according to Professor Terry Turner of Cornell University, who has read the proofs. "In its scale, ramifications, and sheer criminality and corruption it is unparalleled in the history of anthropology," Prof Turner says in a warning letter to Louise Lamphere, the president of the American Anthropology Association (AAA). The book accuses one geneticist, (who died in 1999) who headed a long-term project to study the Yanomami people of Venezuela in the mid-60s, of using a virulent measles vaccine to spark off an epidemic which killed hundreds and probably thousands. Once the epidemic was under way, according to the book, the research team "refused to provide any medical assistance to the sick and dying Yanomami, on explicit order from Neel. He insisted to his colleagues that they were only there to observe and record the epidemic, and that they must stick strictly to their roles as scientists, not provide medical help".

Margo Cherney's site, where among other things there is a list of victims.
She has expressed an ambition to have documents translated in order to reach other than english speaking victims.
Sample from the site:

Information relating to many Mind Control victims and a collection of articles
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