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  1. As Man becomes Machine by David Rorvik 1973
    Exerpt from Chapter 4: Mechanising the Mind - Brave New World of ESB

  2. Behavior control - Big Brother Comes
    Extract from an article published in "Intellectual Digest" by David Rorvik in january 1974.
    Reproduced in Savages, Science and Brain-Computer technology. (swedish title Kannibaler, vetenskap och hjärna-dator teknologi.)
    Quoting therefrom. Rorviks tone is much more critical than in the book cited above.
    "Doctor your electricity is stronger than my will." this was the trueful admission of a subject whose brain had been implanted with behaviour-modifying electrodes. He had just failed to resist a psychoelectrically enforced command to close his hand into a fist. Related psychotechnologies are under rapid development by "behavioural engineers" intent on putting Big Brother in constant and efficient charge of up to 25 million Americans who have either committed crimes or seem "likely" to do so.

    These behavioural engineers are growing mightily in numbers and influence, nourished by a law-and-order administration that, though riddled by corruption itself, can still deliver the material goods. They are not out to change the world but to make man adjust to it; they seek results, not understanding. A thick skinned lot, they are not loathe to admit the crudity of some of their techniques, claiming results that would take the more elegant psychotherapies and social reforms years to attain. Freud they dismiss out of hand, and even the newer encounter therapies they regard, at best as quaint. What the world needs now in the service of "curing" its deviant and miserable masses, proclaim the new psychotechnologists is not more prison reform, urban renewal and nude groups but a few wellplaced corrective kilovolts in the collective brain.

    The behavioural engineers insist that they, and not the liberal "mollycoddlers" with their diehard concern for personal autonomy, are the true humanitarians. Indeed, with a little help from behaviour-modifying drugs, aversion therapies, brain electrodes and other body-bugging devices, they would cheerfully and cheaply free the human spirit of its deviant and antisocial impulses while emptying the prisons once and for all. In the process, they neglect to add, there is a good chance they would make the world a prison.

  3. Control and countercontrol
    Extracts from Beyond Freedom and Dignity
    by B.F. Skinner 1971

  4. Brain Implant Gives Thought Control Over Computers
    October 15, 1998 International News
    I quote:
    Prof Kevin Warwick, a cybernetics expert at Reading University, said: "If they have actually gone into the brain and picked up signals with electrodes that is very new. It is another very exciting step." He said that one of the major obstacles to the production of such a cyber-human had been the moral issue of tampering with the brain of a healthy person.
    I am citing this reference to contrast it with the book by Rorvik above, where it is clearly shown how far ESB technology had advanced already in the 1960s. Note how absurd the situation has become in this field of research. Techniques that were commonplace among the leading researchers (doing nonclassified research) in the 1960s are described as 'very new' by an expert from 1998. I am not insinuating that Warwick is being dishonest or that he is deliberately distorting the truth. But then the nonclassified branches of cybernetics must have gone through a period of regress, resulting in a total amnesia regarding most of its important discoveries from the past. Naturally this amnesia doesn't apply to the classified projects.
    I am aware of the difference between cybernetics and research on the human brain however I hold it extremely unlikely that cyberneticists of the 1960s could have been ignorant about the progress in ESB technology.

  5. University of Albany Suspends Mind Control Implant Research Project
    by Andrew Brownstein August 25, 1999
    Apparently the project was closed because of an alleged violation of National Science Foundation guidelines.
    It seems that the system uses rules for research ethics to silence discussion of much worse violations of those same rules.

    I quote:
    The University at Albany, N.Y., has shut down a research project investigating the claims of individuals who believe that they were surgically implanted with communications devices which can read and transmit their thoughts.

    Professor Kathryn Kelley, a fully-tenured psychology professor at the University at Albany, has focused her work in recent years on surgically-implanted mind control devices. A brief statement released in August by university spokeswoman Mary Fiess said, "The university imposed the suspension [of Kelley's research] because of serious concerns that the experiment did not meet the standards governing such projects on campus. While we're working to gather all the facts in this case, we cannot comment further."
    . . .
    Kelley earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1977, and her earlier research had focused on issues such as date rape, risk-taking, and gender differences. In spring of 1998, according to the Times-Union, the university's psychology department first became aware of Kelley's interest in mind control technology when she posted a note on her office door announcing a lecture called "The Psychology of Invading the Self." The note reportedly described implant research funded by the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense with an annual budget of $2 billion. The note stated that the devices were typically implanted in "uninformed, unconsenting subjects" who were usually "federal prisoners and political dissidents."
    . . .
    In August 1999, Kelley delivered a paper to the "World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics" ( in Orlando, Fla., which described the use of devices she called RAATs -- Radio wave, Auditory, Assaultive, Transmitting implants -- which could be implanted in a subject during anesthesia. The only signs of implantation, Kelley wrote, might be tiny stitches visible in the ear.

    "When (short-wave) operators transmit to or scan RAAT implants in victims, they can talk to the victims remotely and anonymously, and hear the victim's speech and thoughts," Kelley wrote.

    Although her research was suspended, Kelley continues to teach classes at the University at Albany.

  6. The results of the CIA and KGB Mind Control research. The world secret services are capable to control human behaviour ..By Mojmir Babacek, a former human rights activist in the czech republic
    I quote: (- - - means I am jumping past some of the original text.)
    When starting the work on the project Artichoke in 1952 the American inteligence services set their goals in a memorandum as follows: "Evolution and development of any method by which we can get information from a person against his will and without his knowledge...Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation?". In 1953 the CIA who took over the program made it a part of MKULTRA program the name of which was to note the ultra sensitive work involved. When in July l977 the director of the CIA Stanfield Turner publicly described MKULTRA as only a program of drug experimentation , John Marks, the author of books on the CIA, presented at a press conference among others the CIA documents on experiments with the control of the animal behavior by means of electric stimulation of the brain [see the NOTE at the end of the article]. The signals in the nerves in the brain and the whole body are carried by weak electrical impulses. The scientists who experimented since 1930 with the electrical stimulation of the brain inserted tiny wires (electrodes) into the brains of animals and humans and stimulated the nerves in different points of the brain by impulses of weak electrical current. In this way they produced reactions normally aroused by sensory perceptions or events inside of the organism. In the early sixties the CIA experimented with the use of dogs and cats as guided microphones and bombs. The report on MKULTRA subproject 94 issued in October 1960 read : "Initial biological work on techniques and brain locations essential to providing conditioning and control of animals has been completed...The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated. The present investigations are directed toward improvement of techniques." The CIA research staff memorandum for the deputy director of the agency of April 21, 1961 states a production capability: "At present time we feel that we are close to having debugged a prototype system whereby dogs can be guided along specific courses through land areas out of sight and at some distance of the opertor... In addition to its possible practical value in operations, this phenomenon is a very useful research tool in the area of the behavioral sciences.
    - - -
    Gordon Thomas (the author of the book inspired by the abuse of mental patients in Montreal used for the CIA experiments with the behavior control by means of drugs and different psychological techniques inspired by Russians) who, besides the CIA documents, based his book on interviews with the former CIA employees describes the visit of the director of the CIA Office of Research and Development at the CIA director's office in 1972 where he enthused that the electrical stimulation of the brain was the key to creating not only a psychocivilized person but an entire psychocivilized society - a world where every human thought, emotion, sensation and desire could be actually controled by electrical stimulation of the brain.
    - - -
    Jose Delgado, in 1969 wrote that the technology of extrasensorial communication between brains and computers without cutting the skin is within reach and its consequences are difficult to predict.
    If the CIA tried to use the electrical brain stimulation to produce the new generation of lie detector they would have to implant the electrodes in the points in the brain where the thoughts origin in both the investigator and the interrogated and connect them. In the same way if they wished to control somebody's behavior he would have to "obey" his "bosse's" thoughts. Of course this would be a very clumsy way to do it. But the methods of brain stimulation and registration of brain activity were progressing fast. In the sixties the subcuteanous stimulator activated by radio signals was used. In the seventies the scientists found out that the electrical signals in the brain generate a weak magnetic field and that the brain points can be stimulated also by electromagnetic pulses for which the skull and other tissues form no obstacles - so there was no more need to implant electrodes in the brain. In the 1980s the neuromagnetometer was developed which functions as an atnenna and can monitor the patterns emerging from the brain. This antenna combined with the computer can localize the points in the brain where the brain events occur. The whole product is called magnetoencephalograph. These are results of unclassified medical researches [John Marks describes the story of the american scientist John Lilly who experimented with the electrical stimulation of the brain in the early fifties end gave up his research under the pressure of the CIA to classify his research]
    - - -
    The Russian research remained unknown until the fall of 1990 when the Washington Post brought an article voicing the American armed forces and intelligence services alarm over the Russian progres in the development of extrasensorial capacities: "According to the communications of Russian defectors Russians have succes in influencing human behavior, changing human feelings and health condition, incuring inconsciousnes and even killing people... In one of the documents from the headquarters of the Intelligence Service at the American Department of Defense it is said that the Soviet experiments impose on the recipient disquietude combined with shortwindednes and the feeling of beeing hit on the head... Some western observers of extrasensorial developments are alarmed... by inauspicious effects of methods of subconscious influencing when used against the U.S. staff operating the nuclear missiles" (quoted from soviet Komsomolskaya Pravda). The soviet newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda opened an investigation to find facts justifying these hints but all it found was a statement by a scientist that it is possible to produce such a machine, that the machine would work on bases of electromagnetic waves (the range of which knows no obstacles in the nature) and that it is not out of question that such a machine is under construction. All the same during the attempted coup d'état in Moscou in August 1991 the general Kobec warned the defenders of the Russian White House against the use of pswychotronical weapons and on August 27, 1991 the Komsomolskaya Pravda published a statement by Victor Sedleckij the design engineer in chief of the center Forma and the vice president of the League of Independent Soviet Scientists where he communicated: "As an expert and juridical personality I declare: In Kiev was launched a mass production of psychotronical biogenerators and their tests. I can not assert that during the coup d'état were used exactly the Kiev generators... All the same the fact that they were used is evident to me. What are the psychotronical generators? It is an electronical equipment which produces the effect of guided control in human organism. It affects especially the left and right hemisphere of the cortex. This is also the technology of the U.S. project Zombie 5... I draw on my personal experience since I am myself the designer of such a generator." After that statement several Russian newspapers reopened the investigation on the matter. This time the number of institutions working on the project (about 40), the budget (half a bilion of soviet rubles) and the contents of the government document aproving of the project were published. As well as the American project it was supposed to influence not only the individuals but also the whole population. Among the uncorfirmed information there was also a hint that there exist an agreement among 20 states that they would not use these devices against each other. But nobody confirmed the existence of the machine. The confirmation came again from the United States. In March 1994 the Village Voice published an interview with Steve Killion, deputy chief of the FBI's technical services division. In March 1993 "Russian scientists demonstrated to 10 American military, intelligence and law-enforcement officials in Washington a device they claimed could subliminaly implant thoughts in people's minds and thereby control their actions." Steven Killion was one of the present. "In the normal course of your negotiation with the individual by telephone you can impress a coded message" said Killiuon "it is not realized consciously by the individual, but subconsciously, subliminally they understand it." So the existence of the Russian machine was confirmed by the speaker of the American government. John Marks in his book quotes a CIA researcher stating the Americans had a 10 years headstart on the rest of the world in 1965. It is not realistic to believe that under the conditions of the Cold War the Americans would abandon the research. The Victor Sedleckij's statement does not support this idea either. Was the device ever used? In November 1986 at the opening of the trial with two Arabian terrorists in West Berlin the defendant Salameh, when the judge red him his unambiguous pleading guilty from his pretrial testimony, replied that he remembers having made a testimony but he does not remember which because at the time of his testimony he was not fully himself. The other defendant, Hasi, at the opening of his testimony raised from his chair to make clear that he wants to make an official statement and he started: "In the name of Allah, commiseration, in the name of Arab nation I would like to explain what I had to suffer here in the Federal Republic of Germany..." then he spoke always faster, the translator could not follow him and finally Hasi shouted and waved his fist against the audience. Only when the judge calmed him he was able to continue his speech saying that the Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic state and therefore the torture there is illegal. All the same he as well as Salameh were tortured - Salameh immediately confirmed that - and Hasi explained that this was a psychological torture: into their cells the voices were transmitted that paralyzed their brains and made them confess the crimes they had never commited. The judge objected that Hasi's cell was searched as a result of his written complaint and no voices were found there. Hasi then explained that those voices were transmitted by means of some waves directly into his head by western secret services. When the audience laughed at that Hasi turned to them and said that even the man who discovered that the Earth is round was eliminated by the Church in spite of beeing right just like he is right now. When the judge asked him whether he hears those voices during the trial he answered "no" (see the account of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of November 18, 1986). If Hasi answered the last question positively he would have to be sent to the psychiatric treatment and he could avoid the punishment by the German Court as well as eventual revenge of Syria whose involvement in the terrorist attack both defendants disclosed in their pretrial testimonies. In 1977 the CIA director Stanfield Turner publicly acknowledged that the CIA experimented with people many of whom were not volunteering for the experiments. Unfortunately anyone who becomes subject of the experiments with devices described in this article, risks, in attempting his defense, that he would be declared mentally ill.

    A longer article at mind control forum by the same author:
    Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy The Secret Arms Race   by Mojmir Babacek
    Alternative link to new site
    2000-11-17: Alternative link 2
    2000-11-24: Alternative link 3
    The Russian Federation and the USA Built Radar Systems That Could Enable Them to Control Minds of Whole Populations
    Scientific Informations, Military Documents, Warnings by Civilian and Military Researchers

    I quote from the finishing passage:

    In June 1995 the article "On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms" ..appeared in the monthly Perceptual and Motor Skills (43). The author, Dr. Michael Persinger from the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurentian University in Canada, was mentioned by Paul Tyler in his lecture at the conference on Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine (15). In his experiment he exposed students to 5 Hz fields which had for consequence diminuation of perspiring, drought in the mouth, stomach pains and increased relaxation. According to unconfirmed reports he was employed on the U.S. Army project "Sleeping Beauty" directed towards the battelfield use of mind-altering electromagnetic weapons. In his article Michael Persinger describes the ways how the individual differences among human brains can be overcome and comes to a conclusion: "Within the last two decades... a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities... resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inapropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain."

    The American as well as the Russian governments protect themselves against such discussions by the National Information Security laws. The already quoted Directive on Policy for Non-Lethal Weapons assigns the Non-Lethal Weapons Steering Committee the task to "issue security and classification guidance for non-lethal weapon programs" (74). In the response to a letter by Eleanor White Joan K. Christensen from the Assembly State of New York writes: "Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the neuro-disruptive electronic weapon that you detailed in your correspondence. Unfortunately, information concerning what was referenced in your letter is highly classified, and I am not at liberty to divulge such information to the general public"(75). (The fact that this wide range of the U.S. public officials is acquainted with those weapons is also alarming, because their use may be much more widespread than is assumed in this paper.) Under those circumstances the only way, that the public discussion on this topic can be provoked, is to make the largest possible portion of the world population aware of those classified facts. The author of this paper is convinced that only the global prohibition of the use of this technology under the international surveillance can prevent the crisis of the civilization which would result from the continuing use of this technology. The parents should decide whether they want to bear children into the world where they could not guarantee for them even the biological independence.

    Note: In the cited passage it is claimed by one observer that it is possible to "influence directly..without mediation" etc. As I understand this the cited expert means that no brain implant is needed to affect people. But it is to be noted that the kind of effect under consideration was that of harming people in ways that are not nearly as sophisticated as many of the effects of advanced mind control.
    I am breaking this for a while because something happens.
    Initially I wrote something just above, which I have now changed because I realized I hadn't been observant to the details. Apparently , my constant company, the mind controllers(?) wanted to point that out to me because they suddenly became active, affecting me in an unpleasant manner. Appart from causing some nausea, they produced something that mimics so called microwave-induced sound. It was only a very crude type of sound, no voices or anything. (I made that remark because I wanted to tease them to try some more sophisticated sound.) Shortly, they came up with something. The sound quality was comparable to what you get using two can's connected with a very long sewing cord. But it sounded very strange, unlike any sound I have heard before. Fragile and delocalized somehow. Microwave-induced sound is expected to be qualitatively different from ordinary sounds, because there is no mechanical wave impinging on the ear from the outside. This kind of effect could in principle be simulated through the brain implant, so it doesn't completely convince me that they actually have that sort of equipment here.
    I don't doubt for a moment that it is possible to torture and kill a person using sufficiently strong microwaves, or to harass a person in various less fatal ways.
    But when the aim is selective manipulation of thoughts on a single individual without affecting anyone else, such as is the case when you wan't to make a person seem delusional to people who know him, I am sure that the only practical way to do it is indeed by using the mediation of one or several brain implants.

    The tentative microwave sound actually seemed to be something originating from an external source because it changed markedly when I moved. But again all that could be simulated by an implant.
    (This was written in the spring of 2000)

    The reason why I repeatedly have come back to the question of whether implants are needed or not, is that I think people would take less care to protect themselves from the risk of nonconsensual implanting (this naturally includes the cases when the type and function of the implant is not completely revealed to the person), if they had the impression that there existed other implant-free methods, which could acomplish the same thing. The first step in protecting oneself is to become wellinformed and to demand disclosure of all relevant information from the authorities.

  7. UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNELS : WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO HIDE ? --Richard Sauder-- The first part of this book documents many tunnels and bases belonging to the U.S. Military industrial complex, which have been built throughout the country since WWII. The second part looks at actual tunnel boring machines(TBM's). There are 50 pages of photos, diagrams and maps of military type installations. The RAND corporation, for example, has been working on "super hard deep underground centers" to with-stand massive nuclear attack since 1957, and published a report on the subject in 1959. Two years later the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published a five part training manual on the Design of Underground Installations in Rock, which said "Vital governmental installations have been placed underground." These facilities can be large, thousands of feet deep, and almost anywhere, especially under hills. There may be narrow gauge railways leading to the surface. Major companies such as AT&T and Northrop have similar facilities. There is a large bunker under the base-ment of the White House, and in 1981 the Wall Street Journal claimed that nine of the Federal Reserve's 12 regional banks have underground facilities. FEMA's National Warning Center is deep under Cheyenne mountain in Colorado. From here all space, air, and submarine traffic throughout the world is monitored. The Hub of the FEMA network, built with 'black' money, is the top secret base under Mt. Weather, near Blue-mont Virginia. This base, as large as a small city, already houses FEMA's resident, non-elected back up government, which was augmented by recent Presidential Executive Orders ready to take over in an "emergency." From Mt. Weather, FEMA administers another 96 secret bunkers called "Federal Relocation Centers" under the continuity of government plan.

    See more related info at the The Sauder Zone:  UNDERGROUND BASE & TUNNEL LINKS

  8. - Kanske något för Hallandsåsen? (transl:Maybe something for Hallandsåsen?, a place in Sweden where there's an unfinished tunnel project, discontinued due to an environmental disaster.)
    An extract from the book:
    Nuclear Subterrenes - Underground Tunneling Machines
    From the book "Underground Bases and Tunnels", by Richard Sauder, Ph.D., ISBN 0-9644979-0-5:
    The nuclear subterrene (rhymes with submarine) was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. A number of patents were filed by scientists at Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were written -- and then the whole thing just sort of faded away. Or did it? Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them. The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to the tunnel face, where it melts the rock. In the process of melting the rock the lithium loses some of its heat. It is then circulated back along the exterior of the tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled lithium then circulates back to the reactor where the whole cycle starts over. In this way the nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear powered, 2,000 degree Fahrenheit (Celcius? - SW) earthworm, boring its way deep underground.

  9. Preliminary findings of Project-MILAB: Evidence for military kidnappings of alleged UFO-abductees by Dr. Helmut Lammer Ph.D date Oct 1996
    Alternative link

    Further findings of Project MILAB .. Alternative link
    by Helmut Lammer Ph.D. Aug 1997

  10. Book from 1999:
    MILABS/Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction   BY: Dr. Helmut Lammer / Marion Lammer (Illuminet Press; ISBN: 1881532186)
    Alternative link   Alternative link
    2000-11-17: Alternative link 2
    2000-11-24: Alternative link 3
    The book addresses the following topics:
    1. Documented History of Secret Mind- and Behavior-Control Experiments
    2. A Possible Purpose of MILABS Activity of Dark Unmarked Helicopters in Connection with Alien Abductions
    3. Alleged Kidnappings of Alien Abductees by Covert Military/Intelligence Personnel
    4. Genetic Aspect of MILABS Otherworldly Journeys and Military Underground Facilities
    5. Creating an Imaginary Alien Abductee
    6. Toward a Controlled Society: Terrestrial Implants and their Application to MILABS and Future Warfare
    7. Military Interrogation Sessions with Alleged Alien Abductees
    8. Guidelines for Future Research

    In point 7 and 8 you will also read about the development of biological process control weapons, virtual reality brain implants, etc.

    - - -

    Commentary and review by Katharina Wilson    Alternative link

  11. Visitations: Alien & Government Abductions

  12. America's Nuclear Flying Saucer Popular Mechanics, November 2000 by Jim Wilson
    The official designation for America’s nuclear flying saucer was the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV). It was designed by engineers at the Los Angeles Division of North American Aviation, under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The project was managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, where German engineers who had worked on rocket plane and flying disc technology had been resettled.
    The LRV escaped public scrutiny because it was hidden away as one of the Pentagon’s so-called “black budget” items—that is, a secret project that is incorporated into some piece of nonclassified work. On Dec. 12, 1962, security officers at Wright-Patterson classified the LRV as secret because: “It describes an offensive weapon system.” The project remained classified until May 1999, when a congressionally mandated review of old documents changed the project’s status as a government secret, downgrading it to public information. The Department of Defense did, however, successfully seek to have the document’s distribution restricted to defense contractors. PM obtained its copy as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request.
    Inside The LRV
    “The operational mission design is six weeks’ duration at a nominal orbital altitude of 300 nautical miles, with a crew of four men,” according to the report. The weapons bay would hold “four winged weapons” that could be either launched or detached and parked on orbit. There are repeated references to the LRV launching weapons-carrying clusters.
    A considerable part of the design study focuses on the details of building a 40-ft.-dia. airframe and strengthening it against the acceleration of 8 g’s and wind shear it would experience during launch. However, no mention is made of the type of booster the disc would ride into space. Most likely, the LRV would have flown atop a multistage rocket, like the Saturn booster used in the Apollo moon program. The engineering study, however, suggests a more intriguing possibility. At some point, the LRV could have been powered by one of the nuclear rockets then under development by the Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. Several of these rockets were in fact built and successfully tested in Nevada. Although the government claims all of its nuclear rocket program records have been declassified, a search of the Department of Energy (DOE) human radiation experiment database indicates otherwise. PM has learned that 40 cu. ft. of records related to the human health effects of the nuclear rocket program, compiled between 1956 and 1975, are stored in a secured location—Building 1001—at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M. A DOE spokesman told PM that the only reason these records would have remained classified was if they dealt with an operational military system.

  13. Man-Made Flying Saucers Archives  Roger Cook, Webmaster.
    2000-11-24: A posting by Roger Cook, containing references to NASA scientific reports on this topic

  14. PSYCHOLOGICAL FASCISM   by David Icke    Alternative link    Alternative link to a local copy(faster)
    From "...and the truth shall set you free"
    "Physical control of brain functions is a demonstrated is even possible to create and follow intentions, the development of thoughts and visual experiences. By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear and disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control...". Speaking in 1966, Delgado said that his experiments " the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion, and behaviour can be directed by electrical forces and that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons". Which is precisely what happened to the killers of people like John Lennon, the would-be assassin of President Reagan, and, almost certainly, the assassin of King Feisal of Saudi Arabia, who was shot dead in 1975. The King, who routinely had free copies of the Protocols distributed to foreign tourists, was murdered by a relative who travelled from America to do it. This technique is also used to program people who run into streets or restaurants shooting in all directions, and to carry out the most awful crimes which add to the fear and the "something must be done" mentality. This demands - and gets - harsher laws and sentences, a more armed police force, and cameras in the streets.

  15. David Icke offers spiritual answers to global conspiracies
    An Exclusive American Interview With This Controversial Author
    ...Interviewed By Kenneth and Dee Burke

    David Icke reflects interestingly about the psychological mechanisms behind the way we are being controlled and enslaved, saying, (I quote:)
    ...I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it. The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the Federal Reserve. It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them..
    ...I personally feel that the cause and the means through which a few people control our world is that we no longer respect our own right to be unique, and we no longer respect anyone else's right. ...So, let's stop condemning and let's stop saying, "It's someone else's fault," and say, instead, "If we're giving away our power and giving away our responsibility...that has allowed the conspiracy to happen. So, let's take back our power and take back our responsibility." Then...we remove the means through which the conspiracy takes place. What my book says is, "Yes. This is happening. But, look, this is a solution to it, and you don't need a gun...
    ...All you need is to celebrate your uniqueness, to de-link from the herd mentality, and to respect everyone else's right to do the same. Suddenly, we've removed the (energy) vehicle through which a conspiracy can operate, which is our collective herd mentality!

    Alternative link to new site
    Alternative link to a local copy (faster)

    From an article in Nexus Magazine Dec/Jan 1993
    I quote:
    British lawyer Fenton Bressler believes that Mark David Chapman, who won international notoriety for shooting John Lennon on December 8, 1980, was also a programmed assassin. In his book Who Killed John Lennon? Bressler argues the case very convincingly. He contends that Chapman came into contact with the CIA whilst working for the YMCA, an organisation which is reported to have acted as a front for the CIA in many foreign countries. Chapman chose to do work for the YMCA in Beirut, of all places, a city rumoured to be the site of a CIA training camp for assassins. Witnesses to the shooting stated that Chapman assumed something akin to a "combat" position just before pulling the trigger, and the first reaction of the arresting detective, Arthur O'Connor, was that Chapman appeared to be "dazed" and "looked as if he could have been programmed."

  17. Message to Sean Lennon   by Michael Williams
    Alternative link to new site   Alternative link to a local copy
    2000-11-24: Alternative link 2

    I quote:
    ..Your father's own lawyers had advised him to "lay low" and stay out of music as well as politics, lest he place his life in jeopardy. He did just that for several years. When he released "Double Fantasy" in 1980, and word got out that he was about to re-enter the arena of political activism, his enemies were infuriated, and were determined to put an immediate stop to him once and for all.

  18. Operation CHAOS    Alternative link to a local copy

    Political Murders of American and British Rock Musicians - An Annotated Guide by Alex Constantine
    I quote:
    John Lennon: British barrister Fenton Bresler has long maintained that the Beatle's murder was the result of CIA mind control programming. In Who Killed John Lennon? (1989), he observed: "What really got the FBI and C IA so geared up about Lennon was [his plan] for a 'revolutionary road show,' starring Lennon and Yoko. This roving feast of rock music and radical politics was to barnstorm its way across America." Did a programmed killer abort the barnstorm? The FBI has long resisted all efforts by Jon Weiner, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, to lay hands on Lennon's file. Much of the file remains top secret.

    2000-10-29:The same author has announced this site:

    Alex Constantine's Political Conspiracy Research Bin
    A valuable new research repository on fascist conspiracies, CIA covert ops, brainwashing, etc.

    One of the documents there:
    The Covert War Against Rock Chapter Seven: "I Don't Live Today" The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap & Murder Experience

    I quote from the archive:
    • CIA Tip Led to Mandela Arrest
    • How the CIA Got Away with Domestic Spying
    • The Death Squad Protection Act
    • The CIA, Osama Bin Laden and His American Business Partners
    • W.S. Journal on Secret Military Genetic Experiments
    • Nazis Planned Post-WW II Return
    • The Early Days of the John Birch Society - Fascist Templars of the Corporate State
    • Early Radio & Nazi Technology
    • Nazis and Foreign Affairs
    This is a land of electromagnetic squalls (Euegene, Oregon;Taos, New Mexico, etc.), CIA mind control experimentation, telemetric harrassment of political dissidents, cybernetic conversations with the brain, psychological warfare, disappearing witnesses, "alien" abductions, cult terrorism, Nazi science, child prostitution networks organized by Republican Party scions, "occult" technology - and from the corporate press a solid wall of disinformation and censorship. Welcome to these Altered States...
    • The CIA & the Media
    • William S. Burroughs on Electronic Mind Control
    • Attorney Harassed with Microwaves (Injectable Transponder)
    • Injectable Transponder: Description and Specifications
    • A Short History of Psychosurgical "Violence Initiatives"
    • Alien Baloney
    • Whistleblower on CIA Brainwashing in Canada
    • "Playhouse of Horrors" - CIA Mind Control Experimentation, Recovered Memories & the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
    • Toward Freedom Article on the FMSF & CIA Mind Control Experimentation
    • The False Memory SPINDROME Foundation - Dick Farley on a Very Odd Organization
    • Judicial Opinions on Dr. Ralph Underwager (X-FMSF)
    • Stalking Curio Jones - An Open Letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune
    • Case Files on Corroborated Recovered Memories
    • The JonBenet Ramsey Case: Emerging Sex-Ring Allegations, Political Connections, and a Suspect
    • Who Killed Biggie Smalls?

    In Swedish:
  19. Mannen som ville ta över hjärnan, Dagens Nyheter 2000-05-28
    av Magnus Bärtås och Fredrik Ekman
    This article was made inaccessible by other than 'faithful subscribers' by Dagens Nyheter in 2002-04-16. There are several illustrations and I assume it would be illegal make a complete local copy. I will have to find out about that.

    In this particular case I wish DN had made an exception and left it available to everybody.

    In translation:
    The man who wanted to conquer the brain
    These artists, managed to get an interview with the now 85 years old José Delgado at his dwellings near Madrid. Remarkably, when asked When did you cease doing stimoceiver experiments?
    , he answered agitatedly: I never ceased, I have continued my experiments here in Spain after Yale, both on humans and animals.
    In another passage, he says:I have never done experiments on human beings, explaining: You must understand, there are very strict ethical rules for experimenting on humans. All the experiments, in which I was involved, had therapeutical purposes. It was done for the good of the patient.
    This comprehensive article is the only authentic reporting from this problem area, that I have seen so far in swedish media.

  20. (The following link was found on Eleanor White's site)
    Mind-Control Part 1:Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
    By Arlene Tyner
    (from the March-April 2000 issue Vol. 7 No. 3 of the Probe magazine. )
    I quote:
    Gripping survivor-centered accounts of medical atrocities committed by CIA-funded mind-control (MC) researchers during the Cold War are rarely found in traditional U.S. media.2 Neither are they the subject of emotionally powerful TV docu-dramas commonly produced for broadcast and cable television. In January 1998, the Canadian Broadcasting System (CBC) courageously filled this void, although the blackout on government MC history is near-total in the U.S. The Sleep Room, a gut-wrenching four-hour miniseries, depicts the true story of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s secret MKULTRA brainwashing experiments carried out in the late 50s and early 60s at Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. Widespread publicity accompanying this major TV event has empowered many other Canadian survivors of nonconsensual brainwashing experiments in hospitals and prisons to come forward and seek justice in the courts.3 In Part I of the miniseries, gifted actors dramatize how vulnerable, trusting hospital patients were transformed into virtual vegetables through doses of "electroconvulsive therapy" 30-40 times more powerful than usual, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs, and other psychological and physical tortures. Part II grippingly depicts the successful eight-year U.S. lawsuit of nine survivors, who overcame fear to confront the humiliations and frustrating delay tactics of the CIA lawyers. Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., a legendary Washington civil rights attorney, and his partner James C. Turner eventually prevailed for their clients. In 1988, the U.S. "national security" establishment agreed to an out-of-court settlement of $750,000.4
    This extraordinary CBC drama was based on Anne Collins’ prize-winning 1989 book In the Sleep Room: The Story of CIA Brainwashing Experiments in Canada. Collins exposed Cameron’s 1930s-1940s history of ethically unsupportable experiments on psychiatric patients. Many of the people methodically abused by Cameron had entered the Institute suffering only from mild disorders such as anxiety and post-partum depression. By the time they were released from the Sleep Room torture chamber, many had decades of memory completely wiped out. Some did not remember their children and even had to relearn bladder and bowel control.

    From the May-June 2000 issue Vol. 7 No. 4: (Can be ordered from the probe magazine, see link above)

    Mind-Control Part 2: From Implants to Microwaves: A Case Study
    Here, Tyner tells of mind-control history through a study of one woman and her bizarre encounters with the doctors and psychiatrists involved in mind-control experimentation. While much of the victim's story is hard to believe, and even more difficult, if not impossible, to prove, we know from other cases that these kinds of horrific treatments do, in fact, exist, and wanted to present this story on behalf of all victims whose true stories are so unbelievable that they becomes victims of another kind of abuse, ridicule and humiliation from those who can't accept that such experiments have really been conducted by respected doctors and public officials in our country.

  21. The following is a link to an Internet TV station, started 2000-08-07:
    Late Nite TV with Richard Hard (or start page  , then click on the TV)
    From 2000-09-15: use this link to get an introductory briefing from the Supreme Alien Commander...
    I quote:
    All information is based upon news paper accounts, prime time television programs, books, radio and confidential sources.
    According to Rich Hard, one of the consequences of the second world war, was censoring of information by the media and elsewhere, and it is fully active today.
    He aims to provide such information, which is avoided in the main stream media.

    Here follows a list, from 2000-08-07, of planned subjects.
    1.Late Nite with Rich Hard
    3.Alien Visitors
    4.Mad Cow Disease
    5.200 mile per gallon Carbureator
    6.News Media Censorship
    7.New World Order
    8.Dating in the Year 2000.
    10.Global Warming.
    11.Political Activism.
    12.Executive advisor.
    13.New course for
    an old world.
    14.Nuclear Deterrence. 
    Star Wars Shield.
    15.The Atomic Clock, 
    How close to war?
    16.Conspiracy real or imagined!?!
    17.How informed are we?
    19.Hot Spots around the world.
    20.Why aren't there news reports 
    like this on television.
    21.Divorced and trying the 
    singles scene.
    23.Abortion is it really understood 
    for what it really is.
    25.United Nations what do they do today.
    26.Is there a coverup about AIDS
    27.FDA directives and your health, 
    are they funded well enough to do 
    their job to protect your family.
    28.Unorthodox cures, are they real 
    or just old wives tales
    30.Can you count on freedom of speech 
    under current legislative trends
    31.What can we do if we want to get 
    something changed in our society
    32.Human rights around the world
    33.Weapons production as a profitable 
    enterprise, is it really possible to 
    be a country advocating constructive 
    solutions and sell weapons of mass 
    25.United Nations and what they will 
    not enforce.
    26.Implants in people, possible connection 
    to gun violence in schools?
    27.Polarizing groups of people against 
    each other purposefully or accidentally.
    28.Lost classified computers and files.
    29.UFO's are they here to help or hurt, 
    are they here at all.
    30.SEX Clubs.
    31.Age of consent and the law.
    32.Courts out of control
    33.Spy in the sky, can they really see 
    my watch from up in orbit.
    34.Are all telephone calls recorded.
    35.Is justice for the well heeled.
    36.Psychics are they really what they 
    say they are. 

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