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Since my rapidly deteriorating physical condition prevents me from typing very much, I think that my case would be easiest set forth by pasting a copy of my recent letter to Sean Lennon, son of my late former Beatle friend and colleague, John Lennon. Here is the letter:

Message to Sean Lennon

To:  Sean Lennon

From:  Williams Institute

Dear Sean,

I have wanted to speak with you for a long time about your father, but I haven't been able to get in contact with you. Now that I have this e-mail address for you, I hope that we can speak in the near future. For now, this will be as brief as possible.

You may not remember me, but I was a friend of your father's. I also did quite a lot of musical work with him. If you like, you can check out my music web sites at:




Around 1971, I moved from L.A. to New York to do some musical work with your father. At the time, he was very involved in political activism, or what then-president ("dictator" would be a better word) Richard M. Nixon called "radical politics". As a result of my friendship with your father back then, I became a speech writer and fund raiser for Senator George McGovern's 1972 US presidential campaign. I reported directly to his campaign manager, Gary Hart. Due to my work with your father and McGovern, I ended up on the FBI's black list. They started separate files on your father and I which grew and grew.

The US government was out to get your father and I, and once they decide to go after someone, they never stop. The main person who was determined to get your father was former CIA Director George Bush, who became Reagan's vice-president. Actually, Reagan was a senile old man suffering from a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer's Disease, who was only acting as Bush's puppet.

Your father's own lawyers had advised him to "lay low" and stay out of music as well as politics, lest he place his life in jeopardy. He did just that for several years. When he released "Double Fantasy" in 1980, and word got out that he was about to re-enter the arena of political activism, his enemies were infuriated, and were determined to put an immediate stop to him once and for all.

On 8. December 1980, a CIA mind-controlled assassin whose name is not worthy of mentioning (though we both know it well), acting on orders which originated with George Bush, assassinated your father, and, like the mind-controlled puppet he was, calmly awaited the arrival of the police, when he could have easily gotten away.

In 1987, the same Gary Hart I'd worked with in 1971 asked me to manage his own 1988 US presidential campaign. I refused at first, but agreed after former CIA Director George Bush (who was running against Hart) forced Hart out of the race using a CIA "asset" named Donna Rice.

As a result of my having the temerity to stand up to George Bush and resurrect Gary Hart's presidential campaign, the following is a list of just a handful of some of the crimes which have been perpetrated against me by the US government under colour of "law":

  1. Thirty-eight (count 'em!) agents of the FBI (America's Gestapo) broke down the door of my peaceful home, high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on 18. March 1988.
  2. These American Storm Troopers immediately shot my small daughter's puppy (he was eight weeks old) in the head directly in her presence, killing him instantly. My daughter, then two-years-old, had never been allowed to witness any act of violence, and had never seen a weapon of any kind.
  3. These cowards then handcuffed my hands tightly behind my back, waist-chained me, shackled my legs, and then beat me up so badly that after I finally healed, no one I knew was able to recognise me again.
  4. After these "jack-booted thugs with badges" (to quote prominent Harvard attorney Alan Dershowitz) had beaten me to a pulp, they then stripped my wife (6 months pregnant at the time) and two-year-old daughter naked, and then performed full body cavity searches on them.
  5. America's Finest then (without the benefit of any warrants or indictments) seized virtually everything my family and I had worked a lifetime to accumulate, and threw my naked pregnant wife and horrified two-year-old daughter out into a record-breaking blizzard, at 10:00 pm at night, left to die. Thankfully, they were rescued just in time, although they did nearly die of pneumonia.
  6. These protectors of America then proceeded to kidnap me, take me on a "tour" of the barbaric US prison system, and then torture me for two years in such places as MCC-Chicago ("The Warehouse of Death") and Marion - the worst prison in the world. Lacking the required crime to hold me, they eventually charged me with "...presiding over a corporation which was behind in paying some computer paper bills." They twisted this into "fraud". The public "defender" I was forced to accept (who never filed a single motion for me) eventually coerced me into pleading guilty to this "crime" by falsely informing me that my infant daughter, whom I had never seen, was dying of spinal meningitis in a Georgia hospital, and the only way I would be allowed to visit her on her death bed wold be if I pleaded guilty. Within an hour of entering the coerced plea, I discovered I had been lied to and tricked and immediately attempted to withdraw my coerced plea. I have been trying ever since. My demands have fallen on deaf ears.
  7. When I was finally released two years later, the FBI convinced my wife to commit perjury and obtain an illegal "quickie" divorce in the Rome, Georgia Superior Court, as I was pulling into town on a Greyhound Bus, just in time to spend Thanksgiving with my family, with whom I had waited two long years to reunite. Immediately upon my arrival in Rome, I was put on the next bus out to San Diego, California.
  8. For eighteen months, I was forbidden from leaving San Diego County. There was a lot of action, though. The FBI and their "assets" terrorised me, and attempted to assassinate me several times - once with a large number of witnesses, at Seaport Village, one of the biggest, most public tourist traps in California, literally right across the street from the downtown San Diego business district.
  9. After assassination attempts failed, I was sent into exile here in Switzerland on 12. June 1991, where I've remained ever since, defending my own cases against the FBI and the US government in various corrupt US courts. To this date, I've written over 10,000 letters, seeking legal assistance from America. Not one attorney has helped me. They're all too terrorised of the FBI and other American secret police agencies.
  10. Forced to represent myself in the federal courts in an attempt to at least have my illegally-seized property returned to me, the judges, mostly close friends with George Bush, have consistently, categorically, violated all of my rights - most notably, my right to Due Process of Law. To date, there has never been a proper hearing on the illegal seizure of all of my signifacant property, and the courts have refused to appoint counsel to represent me. In stark contrast, the US government is going to pay Timothy McVeigh's legal team, led by Stephen Jones, in the same court my case is in, in Denver, up to $30,000,000 for his defence!

All of the above - and so much more - has been done to me because I was a political activist all my adult life and because I resurrected Senator Gary Hart's 1988 presidential campaign, and attempted to inform the American people who George Bush really is: the world's biggest drug dealer, who is linked to the assassination of everyone from your father to President John F. Kennedy...George Bush is a former CIA director whose father, Prescott, personally financed the political career of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis' rise to power in Germany.

If you're interested, you can read more about this at my political web site, which is at:


There, you can download the unauthorised George Bush biography that the NSA, CIA and FBI have removed several times - illegally, of course. You really should learn more about this evil man, whose son, now the maniacal governor of Texas, is being groomed to be the next US president. Remember: "Know thine enemy."

If you'd like some more detailed information, then please write to me and personally request it. I'll be glad to tell you everything I know. You deserve to know the truth.

Your friend in exile,

Michael Boren Williams