Från: Carrie Dawn 
Ämne: New List serv for Mind Control Victims and their families
Datum:  den 23 december 2000 22:24

MTC has managed the Mind Control Forum web site nearly two years. In that time, I have
received hundreds of e-mails from victim's seeking support from other
victims. MTC finally has a list serv specifically geared towards Mind
Control Victims.

You can view information about this group at the link below. Here is the
description of this group:

The Mind Control Forum discussion list is a place where victims/survivors of
Mind Control or Mind Control Experimentation can come to discuss experiences
and healing from Mind Control. Survivors/victim's family members are also
welcome to join. This list is not open to outsiders who want to debate the
existance of mind control. Any victim of mind control is welcome on this
list. Content will be extremely intense and could include topics such as :
Psychotronics, Remote Tracking and Monitoring, Implants, Government Mind
Control, Government Experimentation, Projects such as MK-Ultra, Remote
Control Experimentation, Radiation Victims,Victims of government harassment
or torture etc. This forum will not tolerate attacking behavior, harassment,
gossiping, flaming, or any behavior that impedes the comfort of other forum
users. Anyone deemed by our moderation staff to have violated our guidelines
will be REMOVED from the list with or withOUT warning. Discussion of
religious topics will be considered off topic for this list. If you have a
need to discuss your spiritual healing or issues, please consider joining
our spiritual discussion group for survivors which can be found at

To apply to subscribe to this group click below:


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