Illusionists do it all the time
I interpret the following extract to be an example of disinformation where José Delgado is either deliberately misleading the observer or, which seems unlikely, is himself being misled by somebody who secretely interferes. In view of the many unexplained deaths in the beginning of the 1980s among SDI researchers involved in research on secret microwave technology it is possible that Delgado was under pressure to help hiding the real nature of the technology that he had previously demonstrated.
The spanish group Nosman said he was put under pressure by the intelligence agencies. He would be well suited for the dissemination of this type of information. I am not suggesting that the author of the article or the quoted editor of Microwave News is in any way aware of the role they play. Media people are constantly placed in that kind of predicament. In the second quote relating to the editor, electromagnetic techniques are referred to but since there are no details available it is, before any qualified analysis is made, open to interpretations that would be compatible with Delgados purported 'new method'. The way this information is presented makes me associate to magic healers physically removing cancer toumors without making any visible scars. (In at least some cases the physical 'evidence' has been shown to have been smuggled into the scene before the healing sharade took place). In the case below it seems like an easy thing to simply use a different setting the second time the monkey is manipulated. Either different electrodes or the same electrodes moved some distance.


Extract from an article by Kathleen McAuliffe,
OMNI 2/1985.

"José Delgado's invisible energy pulses control the behavior of animals.
What power do they hold over us."

..But now he has begun working with another technology. It doesn't require pressing electrodes into brain tissue. In fact, the equipment need not touch experimental animals at all. Instead, Delgado's subjects today are placed within an electromagnetic field (EMF) where, even without direct brain contact, their behavior changes...The fields Delgado uses are as low as one fiftieth the strength of the earth's own magnetic fields.
In one recent study Delgado tested the device on a monkey that had electrodes, vestiges of his previous work - implanted in two separate regions of its motor cortex. Before the trail began, he demonstrated how activating the first electrode caused the animal to clench its fist. Activating the second electrode triggered an eye blink. Then the animal's head was capped with a hood containing a transmitter aimed at the cerebellum, a structure in the lower hind part of the brain. Several hours later, the special hood was removed, and the electrodes were activated again. There was a marked difference in the animal's evoked response. What was once a mere blink of the eye had become a wince involving the eyebrow and cheek muscles. And the clenched fist had been transformed into a jerk of the entire lower arm.

For better or worse, electromagnetic fields have emerged as a potent force - a discovery with staggering implications for the future of medicine, science, industry, and the military.

Louis Sleisin, editor of Microwave News, concurs: "There's genuine astonishment over some of these effects. It seems that electromagnetic fields are capable of influencing living organisms in ways no one would have previously believed. "...At Technic Research Laboratories, in San Leandro, California, for example, magnetic fields are being explored as a tool for regulating eurhythmic hearts. "We look at each organ in the body as resonating at a specific frequency" explains William Van Biser Technic's chief of biomedical research who tells:... Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to make cancer cells multiply than to halt their production."

End of the extract from OMNI magazine

In the document [1] Cheryl Welsh quotes the following:
Louis Sleisin, editor of the publication Microwave News stated: "In The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, published in 1979, John Marks relates that in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA told him that it had a roomful of files on electromagnetic and related techniques to alter behavior and stimulate the brain. The agency refused to release the papers, and they remain classified."

[1]: The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain: U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Developed the Key to Consciousness for Military Purposes. How The U.S. Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man By Cheryl Welsh, May 1998

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