Software Piracy

The following is a letter I got when I was requesting freeware programs in some news group. I have deliberately censored the name and adress.

  Hello. I found your add in a newsgroup and thought you might be interested in getting any software for 
PC or MAC for really cheap. This is not some mailing list and if you don't want me to send you any letters 
just don't respond it. I just thought that it is useful information. 
  We sell software CDs for over 2 years and a lot of people in many countries buy our Cds. We don't 
print them, they are not CD-R copies, we are just resellers. 
  You can get such programs as Adobe PhotoShop 5.5, Visual Basic 6.0 Ent., Windows 2000 Server for 
only 30$.

  We have:
- Graphic soft (Adobe programs, etc.);
- Programming soft (Delphi, VB, C, etc.);
- Operating Systems (Any Windows, any MAC OS, Linux, etc.);
- Utilities (Norton Utilities 2000, Antiviruses, Tests, etc.);
- CAD/CAM Soft (AutoCAD, MathCAD, Ansys, Pro/Engineer etc.);
- 3D Building Soft (Maya, 3D Studio Max);
- Games

  To get all lists, just sent me an e-mail with request to ********

  Thank you very much.