Corn circles
I have been thinking about what else the military high-tech wizards might be up to with regards to the civilian population. Apparently they have tried to make us beleive in UFO's during the post-war period. What about the so called Corn circles? Are they secretely created by the military to make people get used to inexplicable phenomena? Or is it a psychological experiment, just to find out, what kind of reaction it will evoke among the public. Obviously some kind of directed energy type of weapon could be the cause. I should stress that I haven't followed the debate on that topic at all. But it wouldn't surprise me if the military scientists, more or less jokingly, have created the Corn circles, using remote-controlled miniature vehicles, much smaller than the size of the circles, so that it would be easy to keep them hidden. Such miniature vehicles could in principle be realized in the form of small mind-controlled animals, like rats, which would make the plot almost foolproof against accidental exposure, since as soon as the mind-control is switched off, the little rodent will return to it's natural behaviour, and no longer reveal it's programmable robot-like alter ego.
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Military abductions/UFO abductions
Serious researchers have come to the conclusion that there appears to be abductions going on where people are experimented on. In particular mind control experiments. It has been speculated that the whole UFO phenomenon is used as a cover for mind control experiments funded by a huge black budget. Such things are discussed in references given in the documents References - 1 and - 2
According to these serious researchers the ufo abductions and the military abductions show distinct differences. Here I would like to speculate about that. I suspect that what is going on is an organized exercise under realistic conditions. The military want to be prepared for fighting against an opponent capable of using advanced mind control implant technology and other high tech methods. In order to get the necessary degree of realism they have to divide themselves into two camps just like in ordinary military exercises. They have chosen to let one camp consist of fake aliens and let them treat their victims in other ways than the other camp acting like ordinary human albeit secretive groups of military personnel. This way the human victims will report about aliens and ufos redirecting suspicion from their own military and towards a fictive group who can silently vanish at the end of the story. Maybe those taking part in military abductions are not even told about who their opponent is for increased realism. For perceiving a genuine threat and for more easily accepting secrecy.
Some victims have reported seeing aliens and ordinary military standing together.
It isn't surprising that the military perceived the mind control technology that they invented as a threat to national security, and that they wanted to be prepared to defend themselves against this kind of threat. It is actually quite logical that they need to arrange some kind of exercises. And maybe there aren't any ethically acceptable methods to get a realistic exercise. If they told the public they needed volunteers they would have to admit that they have the technology. And they decided it was too dangerous not to do exercises and thereby get to know how well they could manage. The military abductions have been described as sometimes connected with looking for implants. Just like you would expect if there are two groups competing to get a realistic athmosphere for mind control warfare. Some of the implants reported are just seemingly useless chunks of metal or other substances. This again could be expected in the case of a large program of exercises.
I am sure some of the Milab/UFO researchers must have thought about this possible explanation but I haven't checked much of their documents so at the moment I am not aware of anyone else speculating along these same lines.

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