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Growth parameters in juvenile Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis at Eskilstorps holmar, Skåne 2003 - 05 by Christer Persson and Per Stenberg.
Biometric study from a colony in southernmost Scania, Sweden.


Dunlin moulting on nest in Sw. Lapland
A second calendar-year female had shed primaries 1 and 2 while brooding eggs in Sw. Lapland
Moulting Dunlin staying for three weeks in the Öresund area
Golden Plover moulting on nest in Sw. Lapland
The standard moult pattern in many waders: inner primaries shed on breeding grounds, applies to Northern Golden Plovers as well.
Notes on biometry, sex determination and moult in Little Tern Sterna albifrons, by Henning Behmann and Christer Persson.
Studies of moult in breeding birds from southern Scania and northern Germany.
Moulting Sandwich Terns in S. Sweden
Adult Sandwich terns stay in the Baltic for a month or two after breeding, if they stay well into September six or seven primaries and five or six secondaries will be moulted.
Adult Tringa starting to moult in Sweden
Single moult cards from T. glareola, T. nebularia and T. totanus are presented.
Yellow Wagtail lacking moult function
A Yellow Wagtail which had by all likelihood carried its remiges for 26 months was caught in Foteviken, SW Scania 19.9.98.
Swallows Hirundo rustica initiating primary moult in Sweden in autumn
Swallows (Hirundo rustica) may shed one or two primaries in Sweden in August - September; half a dozen cases from Scanian roosts are presented in extenso.
Moult of the Whitethroat Sylvia communis in SW Scania
This study depicts a partial suspension in secondary moult among south Swedish Whitethroats.
Moult and migration of the Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris) in SW Scania, Sweden
A study of the shift from moult to migration in Scandinavian Greenfinches.


Two Goldcrest (Regulus regulus) recoveries in conjunction
Migration before the wind and migration against the wind are both likely options for Goldcrests in the Baltic area. Two recoveries "in conjunction" suggest, that a cohort of Scandinavian birds may leave their breeding area flying against the wind, later on correcting the displacement they have suffered by flying before the same wind direction.
Weight status and daily distance flown by Swedish Reed Buntings Emberiza schoeniclus in autumn by Ulf Lundwall and Christer Persson.
Weight studies in different parts of Sweden connected with an analysis of Swedish ringing recoveries of Reed Buntings.
Weights, fat levels and distances flown by migrating Scandinavian Yellow Wagtails Motacilla flava in autumn, by Ulf Lundwall and Christer Persson.
Analysis of the migration of Yellow Wagtails, based on biometry from SW Scania, Sweden and recoveries of wagtails from the same area.


Farewell to Darwin
The shift of SW Scanian Sand Martins (Riparia riparia) from colonies to roosts in late summer
The extremely early "autumn" migration of Sand Martins is presented and discussed here. Material from colonies and roosts illuminates how juveniles enter the migration.
Sex ratio in Sand Martins (Riparia riparia) in relation to hatching date and population level
There are few cases of established sex ratios deviating from 50 : 50 ratio in birds. This article shows that there is a highly significant sex ratio 3 : 2 among first-time breeders in the Sand Martin.


Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava studies at roosts in SW Scania, Sweden area, S. Sweden. (Two papers, one coming)
This article presents phenology, variation in numbers between seasons and recognition of subspecies in Yellow Wagtails visiting autumn roosts in Scania, S. Sweden.


The Dunlin Web Site,; Calidris alpina studies in the Öresund area, S. Sweden.
Weight studies in Wood Sandpipers (Tringa glareola) migrating over SW Scania in autumn and spring, with notes on related species
Nearctic Knots (Calidris canutus islandica) in S. Sweden on autumn migration


(Panurus biarmicus: Moult in Bearded Tits in SW Scania)
(Fringilla coelebs: Moult in Fenno-Scandian Chaffinches)
(Phylloscopus trochilus: Moult in Fenno-Scandian Willow Warblers)
(Emberiza schoeniclus: Moult in Swedish Reed Buntings)
(Sturnus vulgaris: Moult in juvenile Starlings in SW Scania and the relative weight of moult in the annual cycle of the Starling)
(Motacilla flava: Moult of Yellow Wagtails (Motacilla flava) in Sweden)