D.13 Växellåda, öppen.jpg (77443 byte)

The gear-box was designed   on the basis that with an ordinary radio-control  there was only need for a clutch, one forward and one reverse   gear.        

D.19 Växellåda med koppling.jpg (62788 byte)

The finished gear-box.                          

D.18 Koppling med servo.jpg (31637 byte)

The clutch, consisting of a strip of phosphor-bronze wrapped around a wheel, is manoeuvred by a landing-gear-servo. When stretched the strip softly stops the wheel and the power from the engine is transformed to the forward-reverse part of the gear-box. The gearlever is operated by an ordinary servo-motor-mechanism.

 D.23 Kardan med differential.jpg (43890 byte)

When visiting the scrap-yard - and you often do in this line of work - I found a large heap of new but discarded housings for electro-motors. I immediately saw the potential for using them to encase the differential cage ! I did not trust my own capability to make the six gears so I bought them ! The differential cage was made of aluminium, the bearings of bronze.

D.24 Kardan med bakväxel.jpg (45864 byte)

The rear axle finished and assembled.

D.26 Bakaxel med fjädrar.jpg (52341 byte)

Rear axle with springs and brakes have just been painted and now ready for final assembly.