R.09 Monteringen påbörjad.jpg (78247 byte)

Mercer  model  at  work.

                                                            R.Fitting engine mountings.jpg (58882 byte)

Fitting  engine  mounting  brackets.

B.04 Jag och min Mercer.jpg (74658 byte)

         I and my Mercer model at an early stage !  Photo: Rolf Bergbom

B.06 Stefans fina Mercer-bild.jpg (41181 byte)


The photographer Stefan Svensson´s excellent picture of the Mercer model.

B.08 Under motorhuven.jpg (70310 byte)

                       Another of  Stefan´s pictures.  Photo taken in my workshop.

B.12 Lackerad Mercer i verkstaden.jpg (69384 byte)


The Mercer model in my workshop.

B.jpg (41902 byte)

I have never seen a real Mercer. And I am not likely to do that either. I would have to go to U.S.A. to find one. You would probably not be surprised to hear that I indeed would like to see myself sitting in a Mercer. Well, with help of my very clever photographer Stefan Svensson this wish has indeed come true. When bringing the Mercer to the atelier lately I brought with me the leatherjacket, the leather-helmet and my English Mark 4 Silver-Cross-Goggles and a long yellow scarf - the standard equipment when travelling around in our MG-TC.            

After taking all the photographs of the Mercer - it took several hours - I put on the the whole equipment and sat down in a chair - my legs on another chair in front of me - my arms lifted to the level where the steering-wheel would be - and my son behind me lifting the scarf to a position where a strong wind would have blewn it. In this position Stefan took a series of photos. For what reason ? Well, a modern photographer has a lot of technicalities to his aid nowdays. Amongst them computers and software such as the Adobe "Photo-Shop". With all this my photographer could picture me in my Mercer in a most astonishing way. I don´t know how he made it but you can clearly see me sitting there and mind you I do indeed have my right foot on the accelerator !!! You can look for yourself on the photo above.