Side and rear lamps

H.01 Side lamp in parts and ass.jpg (37710 byte)

Many hours went into making profile cutters for turning the upper and lower part of the side and rear lamps in brass. Spinning was used to form the upper and lower part of the lamp-house before hard-soldering the pieces together. The two apertures were made in the mill. The windows were made of plexiglass milled with facets and a ridge allowing me to glue them from the inside. The reflectors were made of aluminium bar.

H.06 Numberplate etc.jpg (41463 byte)

The rear lamp and the number plate-holder were made of brass. The number plate, not in picture, was made by etching a thick brass-plate. It has the text: "California Horseless Wagon" !!

Head Lamps

G.02 Trycksvarvning,strålkastarhus.jpg (45399 byte)

The matrise for spinning the head lamps was a heavy piece of metal. One wheel-barrow of chips before it was finished. Spinning was a tough job using 1,5 mm brass-plate. It had to be warmed to the glowing point several times.

G.03 Trycksvarvning strålkast.-detalj.jpg (85214 byte)

Spinning the rim for the head lamp.

G.06 Strålkastare+kylarmaskering.jpg (65912 byte)

Headlamps and radiator in brass have been assembled.

I.01 Instrumentbräda med instrument.jpg (65842 byte)

The dashboard was made from mahogany ply-wood. The fake-instruments were made of brass. The instrument tables were drawn in a large scale and then downsized in an ordinary photo-copier.

E.07 Detalj av hanbroms-växelspak.jpg (40074 byte)


Closeup picture of handbrake and gear lever.     

R.10 Kaross och motor under arbete.jpg (76012 byte)

Assembling the body.

R.14 Karossen börjar ta form.jpg (67693 byte)

The Mercer with the spare-wheels just assembled.