"The Mercer  Project"

The making of a "MERCER" model

There is a story behind my decision to build a model of the Mercer. My son who shares my interest for cars has in his bookshelf the magnificent series of "Cars Collection". One day he had put one of these books on his desk. I happened to open it and found myself facing the famous U.S. roadracer Mercer T35 Raceabout.  The mere sight of the picture of this marvellous car made me instantly decide to build a model of it. At that very moment I don´t think I quite realized the amount of work I would have to carry out for the coming next years manufacturing every single part of a complete car exept for the tyres and the spark-plugs !!

My local bicycle-dealer was able to supply me with six exellent tyres 12 ½ inches in diameter. They set the scale to 40 % of the original car. Thus the wheelbase of 106 inches became 106 cm in my model and the track turned out 56 cm !

Since there were no drawings of the old Mercer available I had to make a set of them myself ! I glued together sheets of paper on a large desk and drew two circles with the wheel´s diameter 106 cm apart. Looking at pictures of the Mercer I could then draw the side-view of the car.

I repeated the process for a top-view. With these simple drawings I started the construction.              



C.02 Ekrar.jpg (72380 byte)

With the six tyres in my hand I found it a good idea to start with the wheels. I made a pattern and had all six rims cast in light-alloy. The wooden spokes were made of birch-wood. Since the Mercer only has brakes on the rear wheels those spokes have a different design. It proved quite easy to form them using a radius-mill on the rotary-table. Click on the picture !

C.06 Bearbetning av fälg.jpg (54214 byte)           

Machining and drilling took considerable time. My workshop looked like there was mass-production going on ! Here the dividing head is used to bore the holes for fixing the spokes.

D.01 Frame in milling process.jpg (64695 byte)

The frame in milling process. It was made of ordinary steel-tubing 20 x 40 mm. The bent-down forward parts were hammered by hand over a 20 mm piece of profiled steel and then welded to the front part of the frame. Note that the front springs have been assembled.

D.02 Framaxel i fräsen.jpg (61491 byte)

Front axle in milling process.  The axle has been cast in light alloy.  Note the front spring  on the milling table.   

        D.06 Framhjul med spindel.jpg (40024 byte)


Front axle with spring, steering arm and spindle.

D.05 Chassi på hjul.jpg (64053 byte)

Front and rear spring have been assembled and the "Mercer" is for the first time on its wheels.

R.06 Montering av chassi.jpg (72261 byte)

Radiator, crank-case, gear-box, rear axle banjo, running boards and rear fenders have been asembled.