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General Information. 

The Prostate Help Association  (A Registered Charity 1041377) began in the Autumn of 1993 and have a Quarterly Newsletters and Information sheets on all aspects of prostate disease.

Over that period of time we have sent our information to over 55,000 enquiries, liased/given interviews with Radio producers including BBC Overseas; TV producers/researchers; with newspaper and freelance journalists. We were able to introduce them to prostate sufferers, or to provide them all with vital information to enable them to complete their prostate assignments. 

Philip Dunn the founder of the PHA and editor of the quarterly Newsletters was described in Health Lines, the Health Educational Authorities magazine write up on prostate cancer as an expert. His expertise is available to you through his book Prostate Cancer and through the Newsletters.  

The PHA have also arranged discounts for Newsletter subscribers on over 160 products - from Prostabrit (Cernilton) and Natures Best "Prostex", to a prostate video.  

The PHA have a "Support Network" of men willing to share experiences with others including "new men on the block"!  

Why not join us now and check out how others have managed, overcome, or learned to live with their prostate condition, be it prostatitis, prostate cancer or BPH.


Is an ignored, non-researched, non-funded disease. It can cause debilitating pain, and as your Medic may be unable to find any bacteria, you may find yourself noted as having a sexually transmitted disease, or it may be suggested that you need the help of a psychiatrist.  


Only you and others with the disease know how completely it can take over your life and sometimes totally destroy it! It can change your personality and break up your marriage or relationship. 

Prostatitis can give you lower back pan, deep pain between the scrotum and the anus, chills and fever. Difficulty, frequency and pain when passing water. A major problem is discomfort whilst sitting.  

Chronic bacterial prostatitis can also produce a watery discharge, pain on ejaculation, cystitis, and sometimes irritation which can cause premature ejaculation. Blood can appear in the semen and there can also be a swelling of the testes.  

The PHA gather together all the information it can on prostatitis and publish this information in our quarterly Newsletters. The low cost of the Newsletters means that a subscription is a low cost method of ensuring that you and yours are fully informed about the latest prostatitis news.


We have had no confirmation that any surgical technique cures or even helps prostatitis. On the contrary we have had letters from men who have found no difference after a TURP for instance and men who have much worse pain "one hundred times worse" following treatment to "cure" their prostatitis by removing prostate tissue. We even have one man after years of prostate pain who had his "totally removed' and still has prostate pain!


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