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Welcome to Dancing Colours

"A country business - the forerunner for the millenium with the roots deep in the forests and traditions design for the future "

My name is Sarah Larmour Mårskog. I work as a designer and work with outworkers in the local villages to produce clothes , costumes, quilts and interior decoration textiles. I am over 50 years old, living as I do away from the constant bustle and influences of city life I must create my own possibilities. I live in the deep forests of northern Sweden with arching skies, water, silence and the shimmering light of summer nights.

My impassioned creativity is conditioned and disciplined by my full life, 30 years of a good marriage, 5 offspring ,6 grandchildren and masses of people who weave in and out of my full life. Building an own farm, children , grandchildren, workshops, friends, music, cooking and my garden. But now when I see the growing trees as my timekeepers I try to communicate my own truths in different ways.

Clothes can be a way to communicate and show our dreams, vulnerability and strength. Pictures in half forgotten storybooks, russian folkdance troupes, glimpses of indian spledow in old english houses, old books and photos of shamans, dustclouds in the desert, oriental colours vibrating in the sun, glittering cold winter nights and a never encoding stream of homeless outcast suffering people - temper my life to here and now and remind me to be considerate of others. My cloths and costumes are part of the sum of the whole of my life.

I work with "oneoffs", each garment is individual. I also work personally with more "sacred" costumes that are meant as art objects rather than garment.


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