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"Multimedial happenings with live music (Modern Swedish folk music and world music) with slide shows and models at fashion shows and ethnic museum etc."

A nothern fugue
A multimedial art form. The showing was backed with a slideshow accented with ceremonical costumes and accompanied by the swedish group Hoven Droven, who play electrified swedish folk music. The evocative changing music and light took one through the changing of the seasons and the few costumes led the way through from the raven winter to the cranes of spring, the swallows of summer and the owls of the autumn.

Hypocrites market
Traces the history of the fool from medevial times. The fool and the clothes represent 4 different epochs.
- The Medevial "Fool"
- The 17 th century columbined harlequin
- The 19 th century - the classical clown era
- Today - in the media worlds chaotic tumbling that mixes culture hypocrysy and truths in a jazzling flow of words and images. A swedish joker with provocative texts and music. The fashion world is hypocrysy, fairytales, glamour and destitution. A fools paradise for all of us, so the hypocrites market.

A multiethnic society it´s talked about now and it has always been so. Even today in Sweden you can find traces of the old silkroad. The best place to buy special Chinese silks in Jokkmokk market. The lappish market in the far north. From hand to hand over the immense distances from Siberia to Sweden silk is still a valuable commodity. The silk roads have always existed shrouded in fables and romance hiding the hard reality of the immense distances and hardships of the real route. A part of our oldest cultural heritage still here today as chinese silk brocades are sold at Jokkmokk.

This collection is a journey through time and geography from China , Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan , Turkestan, Persia, Russia to Sweden. The garment are made in silk, velvets, brocades, wool and linen some materials are antique.
Each country is represented with an antique costume. The cut of the clothes varies from chinese jackets and trousers all the way to swedish folk dress jackets with a modern interpretation of each land. Silk is the theme - the material that has fascinated us for centuries.


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