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This is a site about Scotland, a country in many ways similar to Sweden, my home country. Here you´ll find information about Scotland and lots of links to other nice scot-sites. One thing though; don´t go there for real, visit Sweden instead!
Read about the islands!
Outer hebrides
Inner hebrides
Scottish touristboard Visit The Scottish Touristboard. This site gives you the official reasons for visiting Scotland. And good advice on what to see and where to go...
Holiday NetYou´ll find another great place for information right here. Maps, traveltips and lots of useful info.

Famous scots besides Sean Connery? Recipe for a scrumptious haggis? Best youth hostel in Edinburgh? This way for About Scotland! History, culture, news, soccer, golf... Or why not chat with a scot at Scotlandnet.
The latest news? Read today´s paper!
The Scotsman
A golfcourse Golf Scotland tells you everything worth knowing about the scottish national sport. Which course should you play if you have two right feet?

A jar Best recipes of the scottish kitchen. Advices and tips concerning food and drink. Whisky Scotchwhisky will show you how to turn water into whisky. ... and here you´ll learn where to sample the best of the scottish kitchen!
Taste of Scotland

Let all your friends believe you´ve been there. Buy your presents netwise.
Made in Scotland
Getting to Scotland Sleep, eat and enjoy yourself, cruising the nortern sea with
Scandinavian Seaways
ScotwebScotweb is yet another site containing a great deal of information about many things. Kilts, bagpipes, craft, history, tourism, environmental issues...
Scottish soccer Soccer at Teamtalk´s scottish sites. Does the Rangers fans really like Paul Gascoigne? And who scored the goals for Celtic last week?
Scotland.org Finally, if the links at this site weren´t enough, you can find a scottish website directory at Scotland.org

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