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So.. what is all this DCC nonsense on this page?? First of all.. it's not nonsense. It's pure hi-tech in the almost finest tones an artist or a musiclover always wanted since the CD (Compact Disc) revolution hitted the road.. in some cases it smashes the DAT (Digital Audio Tape) on the "fingers" but Philips (the inventor of DCC) flopped the marketing of the DCC and so was that story ended. Almost. Just Almost.

In the Netherlands it still lives.. many stores still sells the players as both pre-recorded tapes as blank tapes! But that's not all, folks! I searched the web and thanks to many other DCC-lovers we (as in I ;) have collected information where to get DCC players, blank tapes and pre-recorded tapes. Some can be ordered via Internet (!), some you can only get "on the place". But we covers Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, UK and USA. If you know about a company who has DCC.. don't hesitate to tell us!

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Links to Business over the world who carries DCC..

Here you find the DCC-companies and the Tape/Recorder suppliers!


What DCC players/recorder does exists on the market?

Here is the (almost) complete list and specifications!


DCC-L The Digital Compact Cassette ML

The DCC's MailingList (Great treasure)!


DCC Digital Compact Cassette

Maarten Eijkhout's DCC Page


Maplay 1.2+ for Win32 (Windows 95 and NT)

An MPEG player that allows you to play audio files generated by the DCC-175 on your computer, without modification.



The best of the DCC's MailingList letters!


Philips Sound & Vision: Software - DCC

Here you will find a couple of nifty programmes if you have a DCC-175.

Filename Info Description
DCCBACK.EXE [Info on DCCBACKUP] DCCBACKUP 3.20a - Beta-release Conversion Utility (Win)
DCC2WAV.EXE [Info on DCC2WAV] DCC format to WAV format.
DCCSTUD1.EXE (Info on DCCSTUDIO] Disk 1 of 3 of the DCC-STUDIO software - Version 1.2.
DCCSTUD2.EXE Disk 2 of 3
DCCSTUD3.EXE Disk 3 of 3
STUDIO12.EXE DCC-STUDIO Upgrade from V1.0 or 1.1 to: V1.2.
mpw1A-4.zip A Great MPEG player - v1.A (Layer I, II, III, 486CPU>)


What is DCC - Digital Compact Cassette?
Philips Explains what DCC is and the functions of the technique.

DCC - The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The DCC's FAQ.. a goldtreasure of DCC-info. Now HTML-formatted.

Rec.Audio.Pro - The FAQ
The FAQ of those of us who takes the Audio seriously.. a goldtreasure!

SP-DIF aka IEC 958
Why pay a fortune on a Digital Card when you have SoundBlaster 32!
Explore what is has and how to get it.. easily! (Also check the Audio.faq!)

Links to AWE32/64Gold & Digital I/O Cards..
For those of us who want quality Sounds, I/O cards and Information!


Other Links about DCC...

SAA3300   An important Intergrated Circuit in DCC
Philips list    Here you have Phonenumbers, faxes, addresses etc to Philips worldwide.
Chip Director Here you finds tons of compononets, including those from Philips.