Black Hole

I. Something must happen

  1. Halted, as if in flying Published 15.1.08.
I.1. Tendencies
  1. The extraterrestrial relief Published 23.1.09.
  2. Report from Polter: The Human Mating Systems. First text 28.2.09.
I.2. Contributions to what is known about Harry Jönsson
  1. A butterfly flapping its wings Published 31.3.04, last corrected 19.1.07.
  2. When A is ordered, B shouldn't be served Published 7.4.04, last corrected 19.1.07.
  3. A ball enters the upper 90 between the goalpost of modern philosophy and the crossbar of modern religion, but is unexpectedly disallowed by the referee Published 21.4.04, last corrected 27.11.08.
  4. Where the touch fails, the public will fail as well Published 5.5.04, last corrected 2.4.05.
  5. Harry seeks advice from his sister in a question concerning art and plain, ordinary man and woman Published 21.5.04, corrected 19.6.04.
  6. A nation of maids and farmhands electing its chieftains Published 19.6.04, corrected 8.7.04.
  7. Recreation for a politician who successfully passed an election Published 20.12.04, revised 27.11.08.
  8. Phenomenology of the anonym Published 2.2.05.
  9. The public forum of a kingdom cannot be entirely ignored Published 20.2.05.
  10. Certain messages travel in the fast lane Published 1.5.05, last corrected 17.5.05.
  11. Harry declares that the remains from a past stage have been cleared away for good Published 22.6.05
  12. Pascal's wager, local application Published 27.8.05.
  13. On the floor above Heikki they have their minds made up Published 14.10.05.
  14. Without shivering in its shoes modern society bears down on the Second-Highest Good Published 29.1.06.
  15. A medium-sized town on the seafront, at some distance from the capital Published 4.2.06.
  16. Facing the choice between false truth and true falsehood, Harry's natural choice is a neutral attitude Published 4.2.06, corrected 14.3.06.
  17. Epitaph for Homer Published 21.5.06.
  18. Ordeals are not Normally distributed, they descend on man in clusters Translated from 8.4.06, published 17.7.06, last corrected 23.10.06.
  19. A Ph.D. diploma is something to have. (Always this Hasse) Published 23.10.06.
  20. Pheeooo, pheeooo. (Or: Dreamers in harsh Reality, with an excursus over Olaf the Thick, whose holiness cut him a sailing channel through the same) Working text published 16.2.07.
  21. Paris may be worth a Mass, but this maxim doesn't apply to lower forms of organisation, like the county capital
  22. Appeal to a Higher Authority Foothold from 4.12.08.
  23. Swan Co., Ltd Revised and translated from October 2008
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