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Stones Multimedia CD-ROM problems
There's a problem to run the multimedia content on the 'Stripped' CD-ROM with newer versions of
Windows 95 (from OSR2, version 4.00.950 B) and the 'Voodoo Lounge' CD-ROM on Windows/Intel setups
with more than 32 MB RAM. Here's some links that may help you solve the problem:
 Undercover's multimedia support page
 Stripped FAQ
 Solution with an automatic patch
 The old SCSI1HLP.VXD file that is claimed to work
 Also check out the Download page for some files that can be useful.

Desktop Themes
There are reported problems with Microsoft's Plus! Pack, FrontPage97, and Office97. If after installing
Office97 or FrontPage97 you have a problem running Plus!, search for the file Themes.Exe on the
Office97 or FrontPage97 CDROM, then copy it into your \Plus! directory.
Or you can get the themes.exe patch from the Download page.

The Java Chat has some user commands that can be useful.

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