Scott Hower from USA visited Radio Luxembourg in 1992
and it is with great pleasure that the LuxyGallery now can
present his great shots to all 208-fans on the world wide web.
Enjoy all of the fantastic pictures from the places
not often showed in the radiobusiness.

CLT/RTL-Building: DJ Jodie Scott in the english-service main studio.

Junglinster: The shortwave 15 350 KHz-antenna.

Marnach: Here it is: The legendary 208 meter/1440 KHz-transmitter.

Junglinster: Turnstile - Antenna for 6090 KHz.

Beidweiler: Two longwave-transmitters combined in parallel (Thomson-CSF).

Junglinster: Shortwave-transmitter for 15 350 KHz.

CLT/RTL-Building: The Luxembourg-language broadcasting-studio.

CLT/RTL-Building: Master Control.
All radioprograms pass through here in route to the appropriate transmitter
- even those that originate in france.

Beidweiler: Emergency power generator.

Junglinster: Three tower longwave-antenna Array.

CLT/RTL-Building: Radio Luxembourg production studio.

Junglinster: The Longwave transmitter.

Junglinster: Emergency power generator.

Beidweiler: Transmitter control room.

Junglinster: Longwave and shortwave transmitter site.

Marnach: Directional array for 1440 KHz (1200 kw).

Junglinster: The transmitter building.

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