Many people from around the world
are interested in to see the faces behind
the famous voices from 208.

Here is some of the letters:

I was the last general manager of Radio Luxembourg.
Since leaving there I've built a group of commercial radio
stations in Eastern Europe and Russia for Metromedia International.
Right now I'm looking for a new job or project.
The Luxembourg 208 website is wonderful!
Thanks for doing all the work to bring it to us!
Mr John N. Catlett
New York and London

Thanks for your work
installing a luxembourg web page
and bringing back fundiest memories
if I do have some time I can
scan in some autographed pictures
of mike hollies, bob stewart, peter "the cowboy of the airwaves"
anthony (what the heck is he doing now ?)
toni blewit, and many more from the 80s
and maybe creating some wav files

stuart henry passed away in 1996.
also david lee johnes (do U remember him in the late 80s ?)

From: Frank Buchner

Your site cheered me up!
Thanks very much for the web site ...
I used to be a very big fan of The Great 208
before they decided to get rid of it.
In actual fact, the whole thing inspired me to a job in radio...
Which is where i am now!
Working for a radio station!
I have a lot to thank the station for, and seeing the web site bought back some memories!

From: Chris Kelly chris

Hello my name is Rolf.

When i was young I listened to Radio 208 every evening.
Very nice station.
You done a very fine job here on your site.
Every name you write about i remember those DJ:s.
My hobby was in the early 70:y DX so i like radio,
and the 208 was the strongest commercial station in the whole word.
My site is about radios and I will add a link to your site.
Hope you will do the same to me.
Here it is:
Thanks and have a nice day.


Hi there, whoever you are!!!

My name is Dr. Cebulak and I am from Poland but now live in Ohio.
THANKS a lot for the wonderful homepage on the Great 208.
Would you believe I listened to Luxie religiously for many many years
while in Poland (on 208 meters Medium Wave).
In fact, your homepage brings back the memories of high school and college years.
In those days, an evening without Luxie was not complete!!!
We would party till late night hours, with The Big L on the dial.
I have a few suggestions for your homepage:
l. You forgot to mention two DJs: Mike Read, and Peter Powell.
Both later went on to work for BBC Radio One.
In fact, that was quite a pattern among many 208 DJs.
2. Also, you didn't mention that they kept saying it was "The Biggest Commezcial Radio Station in the World."
Do you remember?
Since they're no longer around, who is the biggest know?
That's my question.
3. Also, did you know that during the later years they broadcast on the Short Wave (49 meters)
so this way Radio Luxembourg could be heard all over the world
(even though of course the sound quality wasn't so great on SW but that's another story)
4. I also have a question for you:
I was in the US in the period 1989-1992 and by the time I came back to Poland in 1992,
Radio Luxernbourg was gone (or at least its English service)
and I never learned what exactly happened.
You say on our homepage that it "died" in 1992
but what exactly happened?
Why discontinue something so wonderful?
RTL as such still lives on, right?
Do they have any English service?
Also, I always wondered what the relationship was between Luxembourg studios
and 38 Hartford Street in London.
Did 208 do any broadcasting from London?
Why did they always ask listeners to send stuff to London and not Luxembourg?
Please reply a.s.a.p.
Will be waiting for your reply eagerly.
p.s. I still have some tapes I think from the early 1980s
with some shows by Benny Brown and Bob Stewart.


Dr. Cebulak

Hey Dude...Absolutely Mega Memories!
Nice to know that not everyone has forgotten Luxy!
Pizza Man here from Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252,
I was a big fan of 208 and my favourite jocks
were Peter Anthony, Shaun Tilley, Tony Morrell,
Sandy Beech and Stuart Henry!
I can't tell you how sad I was to see all the old Luxy gear
come over here to Ireland from Newman Street to be stored
and never seen or used again!
Let Me Know If You Got This E-MAIL!

sEE yA!


Hello, hello !

My name is Haakan Tiger and I was a great fan of 208
when I was younger.
I wonder if someone knows where to bye souvenirs,
like sweatshirts for instance,
that I used to have long time ago.

O.K. We almost don´t know what to say.
It seems almost too good to be true,
that someone on this earth is just as crazy
about the legendary Radio Luxembourg as we are.
We are three guys from Denmark
who work on a local radio station called Radio Holbaek,
and since the late 1980´s, and until it closed down,
we´ve listened to Luxembourg,
and recorded a lot of shows and jingles from the station.
It´s almost like a guru to us.
Before the closedown, we used to call up the station
every second day to request songs,
and just talk to some of the jocks like
Chris Holmes and Jonathan Myles.
Four years ago we decided to fond our own
Radio Luxembourg association (on a very privat basis of course),
here we get together twice a year to listen to good old clips and shows.
Then in 1995 two of us decided to drive down to Luxembourg on vacation
to see if the good old Grand jukes palace
was still standing, and to try to get in and see the old studioes.
Unfortunately we didn´t get in,
because RTL was broadcasting from the building and didn´t want anyone in but,
we had some great pictures from the outside, and a great trip.

greetings from
Jacob, Jesper and Sjak

As a retired Army Master Sergeant with American Forces Radio for many years,
let me say: "Thanks for the memories."
Does anyone really know where my old friend Benny Braun is now?

Gary Miller

Brings back memories of being a teenager in Lancashire, UK.
Luxy was fantastic.
Its a shame I couldn't hear the final days here in S E Asia.
No pictures of Mike Hollis or Peter Anthony (now on WISH FM, Wigan, UK!)

Paul Smith

I well remember Great Two-Oh-Eight.
I was stationed in the Air Force in Wiesbaden, Germany from 1965 through 1968.
When Armed Forces Radio-Frankfurt became real boring, during the nighttime, I'd dial 208.
Radio Luxembourg signed on about 1800 and off at 0200 Central European Time.
The signal was always strong.
I beleive it covered all of central Europe. Anyone remember the pirate radio station named Radio Caroline?
It was licensed in The Netherlands and broadcast off of an anchored ship in the English Channel?
Played good British Rock-n-Roll. I would tape it and mail copies back to the States.
Those with info on Radio Caroline please e-mail me at

Richard Henderson

What a treat to find this page by accident.
Since Luxy, I've been PD at Red Rose Gold & Rock FM, Exec.
Producer at BBC Radio One and currently Group Programme Director
at the Indepenent Radio Group which operates SCOT FM, 96.3 Q fm, 102.4 WISH fm, MERCURY FM,
fAmE 1521AM, 1458 lite AM and the newly awarded 107.4 Wyre FM.
Luxy was a very important part of my life,
the station and the country remain very fond memories for me my Dutch wife who I met there
and my son who was born there.

Jefferson Graham Jnr

im a big luxy fan
please can anyone help im trying to get some recordings of 208
from the mid 1970s to closedown
i have a few tapes availible including caroline and rni.
please email me now!!
many thanks
; ps luxy lives!!



Hello Robert !
We´re back. Jacob & Sjak from Denmark in full effect.
As we´ve told you before we have these Luxi-association-nights twice a year
where we get together and listen to "old" Luxembourg shows,
and whatch whatever we have on video from the station.
Tonight´s the night,
and we´re celebratiing the 5 year closedown of Luxembourg
(not that it´s anything to celebrate), but what the hell,
we´re doing it anyway. Right now, it´s 21:36,
and we´ve just finished eating, singing our own luxy songs
and listened to a special composed luxembourg minidisc, full of bits of shows
from the last 10 years.
Also we have to say, that drinking beer
and lots of alcohol is one of the main contens
of a night like this. Therefore Cheers !!!!
By the way thanks for putting "our" pictures from the luxembourg
line-up in the 1990´s on the net.
We have some coments to some of the DJ-photos.
Shaun Tilley was, as he said himself" A young welsh buck of a DJ".
And he stared in The original top 20 a couple of years.
Sandy was called The beach-boy. Mike Hollis was the man who put the voice
of Radio Luxembourg to sleep the 30. of december 1992.
He said "10½ years ago, I didn´t dream I could be here to carry out the final words
of the closedown of the worlds biggest and most famous commercial Radio station.
I´m both horned and sad to say a fun farevell
and goodbye after over 59ýears of broadcasting.
So on behalf of the present luxy team and all the past presenters
and staff this is Mike Hollis saying thank you and may Radio Luxembourg live on forever in your foundest memories.
Unfortunatelly we have to go now, ,,,,,We´re thirsty....... Again !!!!!
Have a nice weekend, and CRANK IT UUUUUUUP !!!

Jacob & Sjak

I grew up in Sweden and have some really strong memories
of listening to Radio 208 at late nights in the early 70:s.
Thanks for all the fantastic pictures of the one and only radiostation of all times.

Sven Linder

Excellent Site!
Luxy was the leader, lets have a bit of vintage real audio!!
Nathan Morley, Radio Napa- CYPRUS

Nathan Morley

Really great to see some photos of the Luxy jocks and studios.
Such a shame that they closed down.
Their legend shall live on forever
and the knowledge that without them British radio would still sound
dull for some time yet.
Luxy we miss you.

Edward Scott

As times goes by!
What student memories with the guys and Radio Luxemburg
and an old Volvo.
All you need is love and so on.
This homesite brings memories up.
I love it!

Magnus Wihlborg

I want more old archive sound in RealAudio

Willem CJ Lommers

Great stuff, as I'm sure you've been told plenty of times already!
I enjoyed the photos - maybe this section could be expanded?
I listened to Luxy for a spell in 1987,
when I got bored with a certain Radio 1 presenter and her choice of music and show format,
which were not cheerful enough for me at 9pm or so
(ironically, she was doing a voice-over at that time for study aids
which was played to death in Luxy commercial breaks!)
I remember in particular the "Powerplays".
I tuned back to Radio 1 when their evening schedules changed,
as reception was far superior, but I still have fond memories of the "in and out"
wavey sound of Luxemburg and tuned in a few times in late '91
when I heard medium-wave broadcasting was to cease.
Still, perhaps radio's loss is the Internet's gain?!

Tom Wilks

I used to work for Radio Luxemburg,
the Flemisch service.
Seems like 100 years ago...

Peter van Dam

Very good site!

Dick Offringa

Great site!

karl o bonow

I love the pictures and the guest book.
On my long wave radio band, I often receive your station.
I love the classical, contemperorary,
and modern music.
Great stuff

kevin wong

I´m doing a work about your station.
I became happy when i finally found this page.
I´ll hope i can find more history somwere!

Karin Jansson

This is an excellent site,
Radio Luxembourg was the greatest radio station on the planet.
Its such a shame that a second rate German oldies station
is on the frequency of the Legendry Radio Luxembourg.

Nathan Morley & Paul Budden

I miss Radio Luxemburg.
It was may only joy on the saturday nights,
when I was a youth, okay the girls but they were asleep.

Anders Ekholm

I fondly remember Radio Luxembourg as a kid growing up in Germany
(my father was in the US Army, stationed in Heidelberg and Nurnberg)
during the early 60's, and again in the late 60's
when I was stationed in Germany.
It brings back good memories.
I did not realize the station was no longer on the air
until I read this web page.


Hi folks at Luxy Gallery,
Thanks for a great site -
nice to see some pictures of things that I sadly miss -
I grew up in the 1980s and with the Luxy of the 80's and
90s - Geoff Graham, Sean Tilley, Tony Prince and others
I can't remember now - any chance of a full line up of presenters through the years ?
My main memory was the damn-funny adverts for 'aids cubes' -
the slimming suppliment, and 'Cutecura Medicated Soap' -
I think these were the only adverts at one time !
Listening to 208 made homework fly by and also made me
the 'music knowledge' of my school days -
often hearing and buying music weeks before it reached the UK charts -
much in the same was that VH1 and MTV manage today.
I have a BBC TV documentary showing Luxy
through the 70s and 80, finishing with the sad closedown on 1440
while Astra was also being used -
hearing 1440 was never the same again.
The Astra service, while better, never seemed to have the same 'feel'
to it that fading old medium wave -
instead sounding crystal clear.
I listened to the last night on Astra too - probably have it on tape
somewhere in my attic - and felt real sad then.
Atlantic 252 acts as a substitute Luxembourg but doesnt make the grade -
maybe if they tried to be Luxy, they'd get more listeners ?
Like I say, thanks for a great sight -
and a chance to see what folks looked like -
and keep up the good work.
Maybe a jingle or two wouldnt go a miss when people access the page
and a page where you can download them too ?
take care.

Leigh M. Preece

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