Back in 1933, a few french, german and english businessmen
realized a plan of introducing commercial radio to Great Britain.
A couple of years later Radio Luxembourg was the leading entertainer in Europe.
The concept was filled with success
- no other radiostation offered their listeners that much of light music and
entertainment as Radio Luxembourg.
In the beginning Radio Luxembourg broadcasted only on longwave -
it was not until the middle of the 1950's the station began transmitting
on the famous 208 meters mediumwave-frequency.
The popularity of Radio Luxembourg gained quickly - not only in the UK -
but to the whole of Europe and especially in the scandinavian countries.
Radio Luxembourg was the first station in Europe to play a Elvis Presley-record
and the first with The Beatles, as well. "The Station Of The Stars" became a trademark
and the DJ:s gained popularity with the listeners.
The english service of Radio Luxembourg became a legend -
and still is. Many other stations followed to copy the successful formula created by Radio Luxembourg.
The hard competition from local commercial radiostations in UK brought Radio Luxembourg to the ground in the beginning of the 1990's. After 59 years the station closed.
Now the station lives in our foundest memories.

Note: This is just a short version of the upcoming history Radio Luxembourg. In the near future the history will be more detailed.


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