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Sorry, the guy above is not I, Leif Samuelsson. (His name is Anarhichas lupus, read more at "The Great Grey".) We have a lot in common though. We don't like to pose for a photographer, but we like the underwater environment. Photography however, especially underwater photography, is part of the business. Making equipment for underwater photography is another, see below.

The marine environment has fascinated me ever since summer 1954. Dressed in a borrowed mask, I put my head below the surface, and was immediately caught by the underwater world ! Since then I have experienced not only this lake of my childhood, but several different underwater environments. My favorite dive area however, is the Gullmars fiord (on the Swedish west coast). Apart from having a most beautiful mix of animals in an exciting environment (see below), this fiord is the most scientifically investigated marine area in the world !

Leif Samuelsson

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Our Products:

Housing for Canon EOS 620

Housing for Mamiya 645 Pro

Housing for Practica TL 

  • We develop special underwater equipment to your needs and specification  
  • Structural design based upon 25 years of experience from structural analysis  
  • We have pressure testing capacity corresponding to a depth of 200 m. 


Specialty: Dome ports

  •  Unique manufacturing method 
  • Optical design using in-house computer program 
  • Know-how based on many years of experience 
  • Large variation in measures  
  • Depth capacity down to 500 m 
  • Extremely fine optical quality 
  • Mainly for photo-graphic purposes, but also for other applications, such as instruments for offshore industry






 Samples from the slideshow: The Marvelous Fiord


Cautiously we break the surface...

...looking carefully for all the wonders of the fiord, such as the stone coral Caryophyllia smithii...

...the beautiful lip-fish Labrus ossifagus ...

... impressively sized leather coral "dead mans fingers" Alcyonium digitatum ...

... sea stars such as the magnificent "Sunstar" Crossaster papposus ...

... not to talk about the enormous amounts of the sea anemone Metridium senile and lots of .....?


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