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Word Books

There are two large wordbooks available over Gotlandic; " Gotländsk Ordbok" and "Ordbok över Laumålet på Gotland".

Gotländsk Ordbok has been worked out based on dialect material collected by Carl (1812-76) and Per Arvid Säve (1811-87). Their collecting started in 1831 and continued during the rest of their lifetime. The collection was given to the Uppsala  University. The word list is based on descriptions of country people culture in old times, legends, tales, proverbs, topographic and archeologic notes etc. Furthermore old collecions of Gotlandic words from Spegel (1683), Neogard (1782), Tofftén (1848) and also the manuscripts, which are the basis for Ihre´s (1707-80, professor and linguistic researcher) dialect wordbook etc. In addition there is material collected by interrogation. Selected Gotlandic words and  examples from old wedding poems have been included.

Ordbok över Laumålet på Gotland has been worked out by Herbert Gustavson. It is based on records made by M.V. Klintberg. He started to make records from 1876 in the parish of Lau. He participated in the counry people´s games and festivals. He also participated in "häusatingg" (roofing), "wreath guild" and he took part in "vrak - drive fishing". He also collected words by using wordlists. (for instance Rietz lexicon, The Swedish Academy wordlist) and informants from Lau and also primary recordings.

Jakob Karlsson, also named Fäi-Jakå, became the most important source for "Ordbok över Laumålet på Gotland". In 1889 he started to write detailed letters to Klintberg in genuine Lau-Gotlandic. He continued right to his death in 1933. He had by nature a talent for expessing himself in his everyday language. Klintberg writes - "Everything comes so natural to this remarkable master-hand of language, so simple and natural, but on the other hand so powerful and evident, that you in general think that you are dealing with a rare language artist".

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