Short recount of a speculative theory of the Mind and external nature.

In 1987, during my independent research, I was developing an unorthodox theory (unpublished) of the human mind and a possible connection with the entire vegetative layer on the earth. A kind of holographic theory, where a representation of our inner world would somehow be stored in the form of plants and other living things. Our memories literally growing in remote forests. I was looking for evidence that the destruction of forests, would be correlated with catastrophic events, such as great wars etc. I wondered if Hitler's influence on modern history was in some way a kind of phantom-image projection of the decreasing forest. And I also thought about the deforestation chemicals used in Vietnam and possible connections with the mass killings in Cambodia. I was speculating that the dehumanization connected with great wars and catastrophes could be a consequence of the destruction of many of the possible futures stored in the world hologram where I expected the vegetative layer to be significant. I didn't really expect to find such evidence, but I was fascinated by the thought of it. Actually the theory, wasn't restricted to the vegetative layer, but included every part of the external world. I was speculating that there might be memories stored in the global patterns of sea waves, somehow interacting with the sun's electromagnetic field and altering it's phase. And that the sun would be a kind of testing ground for possible futures on earth. That is, the sun would be like a large number of possible parallell worlds superposed and our mind would select the best possible one, maybe as we were sleeping. I suspected that there might exist some framework where the concept of temperature might correspond to multiple time dimensions. I thought that maybe the ancient subdivision of the world in terms of mineral, plant, animal and spiritual might correspond to locking phenomena among the multiple time dimensions and that the more advanced phenomena such as animals would correspond to more complex relations. Note that this sort of speculation is neither in accordance with nor against anything known in established science. Physics is the best model found so far, but physics is not in a one to one correspondence with the external reality. And therefore there is still room for such speculation as long as it is not refuted or proved correct by some kind of quantitative experimental test.
Like many before me, I also noted the concordance of the brain's electromagnetic wavelengths with the earths circumference.
I don't expect anybody to take the theory, sketched above, seriously, but if you do suspect that there is any truth in it then one conclusion would be that this would add arguments in favor of stopping deforestation and to avoid having too many species extinguished, since such acts correspond to erasing the future, or at least to leave fewer options.
I don't know how I got those ideas and I certainly didn't use drugs or anything, but later I never felt that kind of inspiration again and I haven't persued it.
I think most people in established science connect this kind of reasoning with phenomena such as 'New Age', and although I don't approve of such a comparison I have no ambition to try to defend the theory. It would require a lot of further thinking to make it a respectable theory.
If any physicist is reading this, I would like to explain that I consider theories like the QED to be a very strong argument for relying on established physics, but on the same time I consider the theories of large scale motion (Newton/Einstein gravity theories) in the universe to be a complete failure, which is not commonly admitted among physicists, despite overwhelming evidence.


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