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Well, here I go again ... This is my new Aleder page, my old one can be found here. I started it in times long lost in the mists of history (ahem ...) and then my interest for it sort of dwindled ... One of the reasons was unorganized and stupid HTML-code (that's editors for you ...). Another was that Torget had stupid update rules (no FTP, only by a scripted page and only one file at a time: STUPID!). So, here's the new Aleder page, all handwritten HTML, and only in places reachable by FTP. Hopefully I'll find the time to add to it regularly too ...

If you like this page and feel you want to use it for something, or just have comments, I'd love to hear from you. Mail me, and make your opinion heard!

Oh yeah, by the way, everything on this site is © 1999 - 2000 by Fredrik Björeman. No part of this material may be reproduced without my written permission. I am not to be held responsible for any kind of damage caused by this page or its contents (can't imagine what that could be, but still, you can never be sure enough). Right, on with it ...

What is Aleder?

Aleder is the first continent of a world currently lacking a name. The northern part, the one currently being described, is basically a plain between two mountain ranges. It is dominated by the decaying Etyrian Empire, except for the northmost parts, which are inhabited by elves, and the northwast mountain range, inhabited by an unknown and technologiacally superior race. This page will explore the continent, and maybe later the rest of the world, providing maps and other information of different kinds about it.

More info ...

If you can't find what you want about Aleder here, you will either have to use your imagination or mail me to find out. Note that, unless a lot of people want it, I probably won´t go very much into "today's" situation or put too much detail into things. I have this idea to provide enough information to make an interesting world, but not so much that someone wanting to use it will feel restricted by the amount of detail. It means I probably won't make a map of Etyr with every street and building named, but maybe one showing the general layout of the streets, locations of some important buildings and a few names to inspire. Unless a lot of people want it otherwise, of course.

* Start page * Latest news * The races of Aleder * Countries * Maps of Aleder * Site map and info *