Woodworms? Having woodworms?  Having ants? 
Running out of tar?
We have the solution!

A brand new chassie!

For your Marcos 1800 GT, IRS or Live axle, 1500GT, 1600GT
or even "The Groovy" 3 litre V6.

After more than 10 years of experience in rebuilding wooden chassie
we can now offer chassis built to original specification.

Wooden Chassis:
The chassie can be built without having your old chassie as pattern.
The chassis are built in chassie benches and is absolute symmetric and straight. We use the newest measuring technique with laser so it is better than it ever been.

You can choose finish from varnish, black painted or epoxy lacquer.

The material is, as it was meant to be from the beginning, Balsa wood instead of triboard and waterproof plywood instead of ordinary plywood. Stainless steel clamps instead of mild steel etc. etc.

Glue is the new high tech epoxy from the SP-system or Aerolite if you prefer the old stuff.

We align and fit the subframe or leave it for you.

Fiberglas parts:
We can also supply bonnets for 1500 and 1800. Standard specs or lightweight down to 11 kg! Boot lid and doors for all wooden chassis. Lightweight or standard spec.

Send us e-mail and we put your ad on the net.
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Please contact Michael Royson on the phone evenings +46-19-611 34 04
or e-mail michael.royson@swipnet.se or carina.olsson@oreline.net for further information.
Michael Royson
Vinkelgatan 7
703 63 ÍREBRO

We are situated in the central part of Sweden, between Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Not more than a boattrip to Harwich, UK.