So, is the K5000 a worthy sucessor to the K5?
Hm, the answer must be no. It has to many flaws.
I believe that Kawai hastened the release to celebrate their 70:th anniversary(It was released that year).
I think it's really a 'bastard' mix of 2 different synth technologies. The ADD part of course is from the K5, but the DCO,DCF,DCA comes from the K4.
The K4 is a sample playback->filter->amp instrument.
The difference between the envelopes and the non realtime parameter editing of the DCO,DCF,DCA clearly shows their different heritage.
Even the effects are realtime, so why not the DCO,DCF,DCA?
I think Kawai smacked the technologies together to get something working quickly.
Lots of details show that the instrument isn't quite ready.
8 Reasons why the K5 is better than the K5000
3 Reasons why it's not


Still.. I love it!

It is a MONSTER! It has more potential than any synth I've ever known.

You just have to learn how to tame the beast.

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