Findings 3


I've often felt that the envelopes of the K5k are strange.

- There is a big difference between the DCF, DCA envelopes and the ADD envelopes.

- Especially the DCA is weird. A level value of 60 is total silence! The times are not long enouugh.

- This is how Igor perceives them(and compares them with the Z1):

Parameters were set so that the amplitudes would peak and start to decay at the same time.
I perceive the ADD envelopes as more "natural" than the DCF, DCA envelopes.
The slope of the ADD envelopes is strange however. Even though they are very fast, they "linger" as they approach
the final value. This also explains to me why DHE looping sounds so much like LFO modulation with a square wave.

The Z1 envelopes sound (and look) more natural than the K5k envelopes.

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