Findings 2

Glitches in the sound:

Key Clicks: Annoying key clicks present in at least 50 % of all notes present only in ADD sources indicate a ”mismatch” between the PCM and ADD engines (I picture them as 2 separate entities with the PCM engine sampling from the ADD engine). Since I like the ADD engine and dislike the PCM engine it is my belief that the misalignment is on the part of the PCM engine starting sampling 8-10 ticks away from the start of the wave cycle. It then tries to smooth this offset by interpolating 2-3 sample values from 0 to the current value. This transition is often so steep that it results in an annoying CLICK.
Aaah what an ADD chauvinist I am. The clicks MUST come from the ADD engine. The same super swift attack is present in the K5 as well.
Setting DCA ENV attack time to 2-3 removes the worst clicks.

FIXED! Thank You Kawai!
(True only for system < 4.03)Pitch bending, modulating...
Sometimes glitches in the sound can be heard when performing mod wheel bends, rotating knobs, pitch bends etc.(AAARGH!).
The K5k just doesn't send enough data (or at least mine doesn't).
Modulating it from another controller reveals that the sound engine is fast enough(no steps).

1 Source static saw wave and corresponding timespectrum (Not the K5k default saw, but one resynthesized from Korg Z1).

2 Source static saw wave(no detuning) and corresponding timespectrum.

Korg Z1 detuned saws shows sweeping combs (looks nice, eh?).

K5k detuned saws shows sweeping combs and band width limit.

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