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Welcome. This home page is dedicated to the exploration of the Kawai K5000 series of "Advanced Additive synthesizers".

Rumours of a successor to the K5 being released started to emerge in the music press....

One fanatic but rather pleasant K5m user (me!) read about this upcoming successor to the throne of synthkind.
Having explored different synthesis methods over the years I had come to the conclusion that the K5 was the timbrally most versatile beast in my wax museum of 'freak*' synths . It does lack bottom and punch though, which I presumed was due to hardware limitations (the K5 is rumoured to be 8-bit). These limitations would certainly be remedied in the upcoming successor.
I bought a K5000s as soon as I could get my hands on one.
Down to earth (Subjective):
It did have the punch and bottom lacking in the K5! The sound quality of the K5000 is ..good.
However it didn't sound as...hmm.
It sounded dry, "grainy" and uninteresting whereas the K5 sounded brittle, noisy and hm, smoother (It seems that pop, fizzle and crack adds 'life' to a sound).
When I started fiddling with the myriad of parameters I didn't get the results which I expected.
What's wrong with it, I wondered and started exploring it with the aid of my trustworthy and versatile assistant, Igor.
I immediately commanded Igor to do some sampling, FFT-ing and inverse FFT-ing(0-phase, simple envelopes) to simulate the K5000. To my surprise the same kind of noises emerged from Igor as from the K5000. After slapping Igor around a few times I came to my senses remembering that Igor doesn't lie. Without as much as a sign of forgiving Igor or having been in error I started constructing new experiments to explore the K5k with Igor grovelling at my feet in hope for a sign of affection.

Check out our findings as we delve into the depths of this fantastic synthesizer. We're just waiting for the right thunder storm which will allow us to reproduce sounds which will raise the dead. Ol' K5m lurks in the shadows with his pleasant green LCD display failing from time to time, hoping for us to fail.
General K5k resynthesis
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