I am member of the very nice golf club Assartorps GK in southern Sweden.

My hcp is currently 14.5, but I am working hard to improve this. But whenever I feel that I have a good round going, I always spoil it on the 17th or 18th hole. Anybody care to explain to me why this happens?

From the pro, I've just learned how to use my sand wedge and lob wedge and to execute nice high pitch shots with my two wedges. That is a tremendous achievement for me! Now I can bomb the green from 50 meters. Before, when I had 50 m left, I had two options: either perform a long chip which often came 20 m short, or do a gripped down pitch, which sometimes went too far, and more often went even further. Sigh...

Now I'm working on putting it all together so I can do a serious attack on my fairly high handicap.