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Lars "Leo" L÷wenadler, the name Leo has to do with my birthday and my last name. I live in Sweden, but sometimes I wish I was born in another country - I am not so crazy about Sweden.

When I do not go to school, I exercise! When I exercise I ride my bike, mostly on the road but sometimes on tracks. I am a cross country racer, which means hard training... If I have the time, that is. It depends on school, some weeks contains only 2-3 hours in the saddle, and some weeks 8-10 hours.
When I do not exercise, I listen to music, and write songs. My musical interest is mostly rock/metal oriented, but I love some classical pieces too. I play the piano and the guitar every day.
Design is one of my interests, and I enjoy the nature. So "design from nature" is something I really love, as photos and paintings of waterfalls, mountains and similiar stuff. But best of all is to see those things live.

First, I went to some kind of basic school for nine years. After my current studies I may call myself a "technical scientist", though it is not as advanced as it might look like! Since I am interested in technical systems and technical design, I have plans on going to the university later in life.