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- NEWS -

- Mar 19/1999 Tarantino auction -
Just got this mail from a guy informig about a Tarantino auction:

Hello --

I saw your web site and thought that you or your visitors would be
interested to know that there is currently a Tarantino auction taking
place at Ebay.com. The items up for auction are:

Original Reservoir Dogs Script at:

Original True Romance Script at:



Jan 10/1999 - Rumors about new QT-film!
I just got a mail from a guy that claims Quentin Tarnatino is
working on a new project with the writer Elmore Leonard. Leonard, the guy
who wrote the book for Jackie Brown, has adepted a script called

"40 Lashes Less One" to Quentin.
I will be back soon with more info about this!

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