Mr. Whites real name is Larry. His previous partner was some lady named "Alabama"
and they had split up (I think this may be Alabama from Tarantino's first script "True Romance").

He is close friends with Joe Cabott from the old days..

Mr. White, I think, is the coolest guy of the gang. He never gets nervous and he only do things that is nescesery.

After the robbing, when White, Orange and Brown is trying to drive away from there, they crashes into a car. You can here the police sirens getting closer. Mr. White walks right up on the street and starts shooting on the police car:

It is after this Mr. Orange gets shot in the belly and Mr. Whites drives to the rendevouz with him...(which you can see in the beginning of the movie).

More Sounds of Mr. White

wakeup.wav - "Shit. You shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologize." (104 KB)

takinhis.wav - "I came this close to takin' his ass out myself." (67 KB)

jackshit.wav - "Now, while that might mean jack shit to you it means a hell of a lot to me." (65 KB)

ffries.wav - "What'd you forget your french fries to go with the soda?" (43 KB)

alarms.wav - "That's your excuse for going on a kill-crazy rampage?" I don't like alarms Mr.White. (101 KB)