Mr. Pink is defently the weakest guy of the gang, and the most nervoust. When Pink returns to the
rendevouz it looks that he´s pissing his pants on. "Was that a fucking setup, or what?!", he screams (listen to it).

He and Mr. White becomes really pissed of on each other and they blaiming each other for being a rat. Finally White gets so pissed that he gives him a hit and pulls his gun:

But then Blonde comes and settles the fight...

Anyway it was Mr. Pink who toked the diamonds, he hidded them at a "safe place", as he said.

For you who have seen the film may wonder what happended with Mr. Pink in the end??
If you do, you can read all about it on "Kenneth´s Resevoir Dogs Homepage"!

Sounds of Mr. Pink

idontip.wav - "Uh-uh, I don't tip." You don't ever tip? "No. I don't believe in it." (78 KB)

styear.wav - "You're acting like a first-year fuckin' thief! I'm acting like a professional!" (65 KB)

figurout.wav - "Let's try and figure out who the bad guy is, alright?" (44 KB)

usinhead.wav - "Alright! Now you're usin' your fuckin' head!" (39 KB)