Mr. Orangeīs real name is Freddy (..).
Freddy isnīt a criminal, heīs a cop and works undercover to bust the mob boss Joe Cabbot.

Orange and White worked together during the robbing so they became quite good friends.
White tooked good care of Mr.Orange after he got shot and it is White who defends him when Joe comes back to the warehouse and exclaim that it is Orange who is the rat (which he was).

Sounds of Mr. Orange

fuckyou.wav - "Fuck you! Fuck you! I'm fuckin dyin' here! I'm fuckin' dyin'!" (147 KB)

$10worth.wav - "I got all my shit laid out in $60 bags. They don't want $60 worth, they want $10 worth, and breakin' it up is a major fuckin' pain in the ass. I don't even know what $10 worth looks like." (213 KB)

orange1.wav - "Every nerve-ending, all my senses, blood in my veins, everything I have is screaming, take off, man! Just bail! Just get the fuck out of there!" (178 KB)

thething.wav - "The Thing. Motherfucker looks just like The Thing." (118 KB)