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The Trunkshots

You may have noticed that Tarantino have used a trunkshot view in some of his films. In fact he has used it in four films, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn and Jackie Brown:

trunk3.JPG (12268 bytes)  trunk2.JPG (17163 bytes)

trunk4.JPG (43792 bytes)  trunk1.JPG (9019 bytes)

Now was it Tarantino who invented this kind of filmshots? Nope, it was first used in Scorseses "Good Fellas" and it is probably this film Tarantino was inspired by.

Original source: The site "Quentin Tarantino, A God Among Directors"

"Tarantino Typical"

Below I made a complete list of typical Quentin Tarantino themes. Including everything from Big Kahuna burgers to tortures of bound victims:


Tarantino´s Favourite Actors

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Tarantino got a bunch of actors that he often uses in his films. Here is a list of his favourite actors: