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I really like to look at good photos and my thought with this site is that I think you like it too. I also love to paint, draw and make sculptures .. to express a feeling with my art. The computer has given me another way to work with colors and pictures; to render photos .. fresh them up .. give them another touch.

This site has a lot of pictures and because of that it can be rather heavy loading. If you want to know the latest news and read some biography about Joan Jett - please visit the Official Joan Jett & The Blackhearts website or any of the great fan sites out there. You´ll find links to some of them on my Link page. On my site you´ll only find artwork.

My site has 2 galleries. The first one is a gallery with my own personal stuff, drawings, paintings and etchings. The second gallery is about Joan Jett. I render photos that you send me and put them together to a bigger one, I call it desktop pic. A picture you can use as a desktop pic / wallpaper on your own computer.

I have four parts in my Joan Jett gallery, you can see them below.

Desktop pix - pics that you can use as a wallpaper on your own computer.

Icons - icons of Joan.

Artwork - it´s my artwork of Joan. Drawings and paintings made by me.

Niva Bringas - A great photographer from Chicago. Here is some of his photos of Joan that he let me render.


July 19, 2001

I have realized that I have too much to do nowadays to keep up a good work with my site. I would like to hear your opinion about what I am going to say.

— I am thinking about shut it down. Do you think I should keep it and update it when I have the time to or do I make the right decision to shut it down? Please, let me know your opinion! Send me an email with your thoughts, or write in my Guestbook. I think you can help me to come up with the right decision.

Take care -

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I want to thank all of you for the nice and kind words and all the support you have given me since I started my site in June, 1998. Without you this site wouldn´t exist. But I need more help - more photos to keep it alive.
To all of you who has sent me photos, you know who you are, ...
Thank you !

I especially want to thank :

Niva Bringas for his belief in me. That he let me work with his photos without any doubts and worries about what I´m going to do to his photos. Thanks Niva !

Blackheart Records for letting me use some of their photos in my gallery.

Michael Nichols for sending me photos since day 1. Keep on taking great photos Mikey. Thanks !

Mark Koukol for inspiring me to start this site. It was his idea that I should let all of you see what I did to the photos I had of Joan. He said you would like it ... and I guess he was right. Thanks Mark !

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Copyright material © 1999 All my work is copyright material and can't be used without permission.
Feel free to use it on your own computer though.


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