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News July 15.1999

Hello GabbersīN Hardcore Freaks!
Like the new look? well I do. Soon I will release some songs i made 1998 and I hope you will download them...they are better but not much...If you want to give me any comments about my songs write down some lines to me...If you want to ask me about anything just mail me! Iīll try to answear it as fast as i can but Iīm kinda busy right now.. C.Y.A S.O.O.N !
Donīt forget to gimme some comments!
New Releases 1998/1999
Name of the Song Lenght Size (KB)
Beyond Reality - (My First Rave Song!) 5.14 min 1200kb
Iīm God! 4.47 min 1077kb
XTC 3.54 min 359kb
Hardcore Worlds 4.03 min 352kb
Totaly Fucked UP! - Donīt take this one serious! 3.24 min 869kb
Iron Core - Kinda Oldstyle... 3.00min 307kb

My old songs

Name of the Song Lenght Size (KB)
Sound of Madness 3.31 min 326kb
Cold as Stone 3.25 min 512kb
Da Cool Style 3.16 min 664kb
Kiss a Rose 3.53 min 673kb
Armageddon 3.44 min 175kb
Blue Planet 3.26 min 167kb

You will need Winamp or Fasttracker 2.09 to play these songs!


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