Hovawart at Hoffen-Hills Kennel in Sweden



Owned by Margaretha Damfeldt

Hyringa 44 Alebäck, 46795 Grästorp. SWEDEN
Phone 0046 (0)514 29200

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen


Hoffen-Hills is a Kennel founded in the 1972 near Gothenburg, Sweden. The first of many litters of hovawart were produced in 1974. This establishment has been, and still is, one of the top Hovawart breeding centres in Sweden. Healthy dogs of fine character and movement are usually available.
Advice on breeding is our speciality.

There are now Four World Winners and two Euro Champions in this Kennel and lately we have acquired the Working Diploma and the Character test from the Swedish KK.

Grand Basset Vendeen Hovawart Estrela Mountain Dog

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Phone of Fax - 0046 (0) 514 29200. or e-mail Margaretha Damfeldt at margaretha.damfeldt@swipnet.se

Puppies are available at this time. See Hovawart and Grand Basset pages.

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