Here are some source codes. Hope you'll find them useful. Please contact me if there is something that doesn't work. Go to the contact section.

Name Size Author Description
Gradient 7 kb HIT_MaN Shows you how to put a gradient pattern over your form.
3D-Block 8 kb N/A This shows how to paint and then move a 3D-block inside another block. the amazing about this on is that it only contains 149 lines of code.
WallPaper Changer 8 kb Marcus Andersson A simple source which demonstrates how to use Windows API to change wallpaper.
Create Shortcuts 5 kb Brian Harper How to create a shortcut of a file.
Sound 28 kb N/A Plays a wav-file by using Windows API.
SpriteTutor 163 kb N/A Seven different source's which shows how you create games in vb.
Form Move 6 kb Pranay Uppuluri How to move a form without using the Caption Bar
Sounds (Wave,Midi) 51 kb S. Carter, Jr. Play sounds with Microsofts Multimedia Control
VBScript Clock 1 kb Marcus Andersson How to make a clock with VBScript
VB Help 82 kb N/A A help-file that explaines many vb-tricks. It has got many very good codes.
Menu Bmp 4 kb Matt Hart Show how to display bitmaps in a menu.
Using Helpfiles 5 kb Brian Harper Show how to add helpfiles to your programs.
Windows directory 2 kb N/A This shows how to get hold of the name of the windows dircetory and the system directory
Run Url 3 kb N/A Starts the default browser and start an URL.
Digital Clock 2 kb N/A A very simple way to make a digital clock.
How long have time has windows been running. 2 kb Sam Huggill Shows how long time windows have been running messured in ticks.
Application Running 2 kb Sam Huggill Determains if an applictation already is running.
Advanced Gradient 4 kb Sam Huggill Displays a gradient pattern. A bit more advanced than the other one on this page.
Word Over 3 kb Displays the word the cursor is pointing on in a label.
Mouse Move 2 kb Sam Huggill Turns the bgcolor on a textbox into red if the mouse is held above.

For best performance: 800x600 High Color