2000 Yamaha SRX 700

(There is no SRX 600 for 2000)

srx_700_engine.JPG (8539 bytes) Increased HP and shaved weight (up to 26 lbs. lighter than the competition, 10 lbs. less than last year!) boosts the SRX's already class-leading power-to-weight advantage for greater top-end speed and acceleration, and nimbler  handling. Blue dash, and fast, fast, fast. New positon on control rods and different angle equals 50% greater weight transfer. srx_700_lever.JPG (5911 bytes)
srx_700_hdlight.JPG (7585 bytes) Industry's only electronic, self-cleaning exhaust power valve system delivers seamless power throughout the rev range. All-new throttle position sensor further sharpens SRX's legendary throttle response. Newly recalibrated clutch for quicker acceleration. srx_700_seat.JPG (7728 bytes)
srx_700_ski.JPG (6159 bytes) New for 2000 rear suspension layout and calibration delivers outstanding weight transfer, resulting in increased acceleration. Brand new dual-headlight powered by higher-output magneto. High-profile .92" track. srx_700_suspension.JPG (7425 bytes)
Exclusive Easy-Adjust rear suspension lets driver tweak both spring and damping rates to custom-fit driving style an/or driver size. Flat-slide carburetors for consistent performance and fuel economy. srx_700.JPG (10464 bytes) Premium rebuildable aluminum-body  KYB gas-shocks with multi-rate springs deliver precision handling with longer life. 3 Year warranty. Standard tunnel protectors and front heat exchanger guard.

SRX 700 (42109 bytes)

Mind boggling, heart-pounding acceleration. Blistering top speed. Razor-edge cornering. Nowhere else in the industry do horsepower and handling come together so perfectly than the SRX 700. Maybe SnoGoer Magazine confirmed SRX appeal best by hailing it as "the best accelerating triple around, hands down." Think of the SRX as part top fuel dragster, part ground-hugging Formula 1 racer. And now this year, we've not only increased the ponies, but shed some poundage as well. Which means the lightest sled in its class just got lighter still. No wonder the competition can't keep up. With its extra boost and crackling-fast throttle response now pushing lighter weight, the SRX boasts a class-leading power-to-weight advantage delivering both quicker acceleration and nimbler handling. Surprised? Well, don't be. This is the same sled that's dominated the grass drag ranks for the last two years. Advanced, industry-exclusive engineering runs throughout the SRX spec sheet:electronic power exhaust valves, liquid-heated flat-slide carbs, a lightweight, ultra-rigid ProAction System chassis that minimizes chassis flex so that all that SRX power can be fully tapped without sacrificing an ounce of it's on-rails cornering ability. And for comfort's sake, the industry's best high-pressure, rebuildable, aluminum-body gas shocks, an exclusive adjustable brake lever and the industry's top handwarmers. An all-new dual headlight set-up this year affords excellent nighttime illumination, and when coupled with the SRX's reflective graphics and racing blue-and-white bodywork, a seriously aggressive-looking packages as well. Whether it's across a lake or down a twisty trail, if it's muscle and finesse you seek in a high-performance sled, then look no further than the SRX 700.  With 6 more Horsepower and 5 mph more top end, this is the sled to have.