Bug Run-00 !

Bug Run 17 was held the 10-12 of june 00. And it was quite a nice and exiting weekend.

There where a few problems one the way though :)

Here´s the pic´s enjoy !


At this time no one had a clue what the prob could be, but we....

Thought we knew :) Here we are changing fuel pump, coil & distributor. That ought to do it !

"Adde" cleaning my greasy back with brake cleaner, it did hurt !

To make a very long and booring story short , changing the above stuff didn´t do it.

It took me totaly 10 hrs to travel 250 km, but it was worth all the trouble I promise !

The bus finally standing at the show , it took two years to get there !

I won the T2 class and Best paint ! (more pic´s soon)