Garage Scenes.


Some pictures from my new project.

It´s a 67 van, previously owned by a local clothing company.

I bought the bus in Mars and I´m planing to take it out in May.




Hmm ! As you all can see,the bus is still standing in the garage.

My ambition is to drive the bus to a meeting in norway the first weekend i August.

The bus has been standing at the paintshop for almost three weeks now,more pic´s coming up soon.


Well what can i say,never trust hired people.The bus is still standing at the paintshop.



Hmmm !! Yepp It´s still standing at the paintshop,beginning to get a bit frustrated.

It´s less then 3 months left to Bug Run.

Keaton u better get started soon.!!!!


Wow ! The roof is painted. Wonder how long it will take for the rest ??


Yes ! Finally, the bus is painted. At least the body is, just the dors and some other stuff left to do.

Now I have started to reasemble the car, finally! And It feels just fine.

Well ! What do you think ??? More pic´s will be here soon. I promise :)

Hmm ! here´s some pic´s from Bug Run 17

There will be more pic´s up from the restoration soon.



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