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Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura

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Loveable Lum Hello everyone, and welcome to my tribute to one of the best japanese comics I've ever seen! For you guys (or gals) who've been here before, you'll be seeing some changes and additions on this page. For starters, I'm adding personal reviews to all the movies and TV-series tapes, and at the bottom of the page you'll find some music in MP3 format. Oh, and I've also started a new Urusei Yatsura mailing list! To enter the list, just use the form below.

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Manga (comic) info

The manga Urusei Yatsura started in 1982 (i believe), and most of it has been translated to english by Viz Comics. The best way to get started in the UY universe is the manga book "Lum - Perfect Collection". Here you have the start of everything, and an introduction to some of the major characters in the series.

Anime (video) info

General Info


1. Only you
2. Beutiful dreamer
3. Remember my love
4. Lum the Forever
5. The final chapter
6. Always my darling


1. 1.1 - 4.8
2. 5.9 - 8.16
3. 9.17 - 12.24
4. 13.25 - 16.32
5. 17.34 - 20.40
The rest will come soon...

Links and other stuff

Tomobiki-cho - Probably the largest UY site on the net.

The World of Urusei Yatsura's Lum - Has lots of info about Lum, and some about Rumiko Takahashi herself. Also has plenty of MP3 music.

The Urusei Yatsura Web Ring is run/created by Paladin La De Da
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