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Johannes Haglund's

This page is ENTIRELY dedicated to macintosh computers, applications, icons, utilities, and games.
If you never have visited Apples own Web-sites, why not?

Future X Software Section

Future X Software are:

Johannes Haglund
Niklas Berglind
Josefin Larsdotter
Krisztina Kemény

Maniac sounds patch 1.1

This was the first patch made by my little software company Future X Software. It changes the sounds in the shareware game Maniac version 2.1 by Best before yesterday software. 553 K.

Click here to get Maniac version 2.1.

Digital Vendetta sounds patch 1.1

This little patch is the second piece of software from Future X. This patch changes the sound in the shareware games Digital Vendetta by Josefin software. 405 K.

Click here to get Digital Vendetta.

Drakar och Demoner 0.2

This is a small app to help make characters in the swedish roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner Expert. 42 K.

Killroy and Killhead

The next big project from Future X. This will be a text-based adventure game, with lots of sick jokes.

MacDoom Section

Mac owners are DOOMed!
I have always been a DOOM-freak, and when DOOM II was released on the Macintosh, I was one of the first to buy it. Now, I've got my hands on the nifty little level editor utility DEMON (Doom Editor for Mac Oriented Nuts), and me and one of my buddies started to make our own levels. We are not quite finished with our first one yet, but it works, so I have put a beta version here for you that works on the PC too. It's called Bad Boys. 255 K.

MacQuake Section

It's finally here!
At last, Quake has been released for Mac. As for Doom, the Mac version has better resolution than the PC version, as you can see on these sceenshots.

Other Games Section

The Mac was, not too long ago, simply a boring business computer. Then someone took a peek at what was happening with other computers, and now, the Mac is a powerful games machine to be reckoned with.

Some great games, both shareware, freeware, and commercial, are (in no particular order):

Marathon Infinity
Digital Vendetta
Ingemar's Skiing Game
Warcraft II
Crystal Caliburn
Dirt Bike
The Incredible Machine
Monkey Shines

As you probably realize, this list could go on for ever. But one thing I really miss on the Mac game scene are fighting games, like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2, and the incredible One Must Fall: 2097. To this date, I've found two that doesn't suck completely: Desk Fighter Turbo (HyperCard based, pretty slow, b/w), and Grizzly (toy animals pounding each other, rendered graphics). Why don't Mac game programmers do these kind of games? Don't they like them? Well, in that case, I think that they could think about us, the gamers. Please, Mac programmer give us MORE BEAT 'EM UPS!

Screenshot Gallery Section

It happens from time to time that something really wierd pops up on your screen. It could be a funny dialouge window, or something else. If you get something like this, grab a screenshot of it, and send it to me, so I can put it in my gallery.

  1. Startup screen (Johannes Haglund)

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